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Grab 5! Materials

Below is a list of the graphical materials available for the Grab 5! Project.

As part of your Grab 5! campaign you may want to use the Grab 5! logo and graphics on your documents, posters, leaflets, merchandise etc. To do so, please read the terms and conditions below.

Conditions for use of the Grab 5! logo

The logo remains the property of Sustain, and permission to use it can be withdrawn at anytime without the need to provide a reason.

The logo can only be used as part of a healthy eating initiative.

The logo cannot be used on items considered to promote a negative health image.

The logo cannot be used on items sold commercially for profit.

The logo cannot be used in conjunction with other brand names or logos without specific consent


How to select the correct logo type

  • 'Small web version - colour' and 'Small web version - greyscale':
    These are small low quality graphics, that would be suited to word documents and websites. The greyscale version is a black and white version of the colour logo.
  • 'Large web version - colour' and 'Large web version - greyscale':
    The larger versions are again low resolution, but due to the size of the graphics, could be used to produce printed materials. These versions would also produce a better quality appearance than the small versions, when used in word documents and on websites.
  • 'Print version - zipped colour tif' and 'Print version - zipped greyscale tif'
    These versions are high quality, 300dpi graphics, and are well suited to all print applications. These graphics are perfect for desk-top-published documents. The print version files are tif format and have been compressed (zipped).

Colour Information

The Grab 5! project has used 4 main pantone colours for its printed materials:

  • Pantone 300 CV (Blue)
  • Pantone 361 CV (Darker Green)
  • Pantone 375 CV (Lighter Green)
  • Pantone 186 CV (Red)
  • Pantone 144 CV (Orange)

Font Information

  • For the headings: AdLib BT
  • For the text: Chianti BT

Your selected download may open in the browser window. If this is the case, right click on the image and select 'save pictures as', or 'save image as'.

Please note that we do have a number of other versions of all of the resources below. Contact for further help.



  Full Grab 5! Logo

  Basic Grab 5! Logo

  Grab 5! Banner Logo

  Blue Circle Grab 5! Logo

  Green Circle Grab 5! Logo

  Grab 5! Letter and Memo Templates

  Grab 5! Fruit Pictures

Grab 5!: In June 2000, Sustain secured a grant of £650,000 from the National Lotteries Charities Board to be spread over three years, for 'a project to promote fruit and vegetables consumption amongst 7-11 year olds, with a focus on low income families'.

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