Briefings and toolkits on how to tackle food poverty

The resources below include toolkits, guides and briefings, as well as Food Power programme evaluations and conference summaries. Alonside the resources on this page, we have brought together a collection of food poverty action plans and needs assessments from different areas across the UK. All of our past webinars are available to watch here, as well as a series of case studies from our members. There is also further information on 'Healthy food for all' on the Sustainable Food Places website.

Toolkits, guides and briefings

Community Food Retail and Food Poverty

Community food retail and food poverty

Examples of different models and guidelines for developing projects

Food and Covid-19: How local authorities can support recovery and resilience

Guidance on the principles, processes and partnerships that contribute to a strong council response, as well as suggested actions for improving food access..

Learning from the response to food vulnerability during Covid-19: Summary report from the Food Power Gathering

This briefing summarises attendees' reflections and provides useful insights for those operating at both local and national levels.

Tackling food poverty together: A guide to using the Food Power collective impact tracker

This guide advises on how to use the collective impact tracker, created to support food poverty alliances to capture and track the difference they make.

Food Power collective impact tracker (Excel file)

The Tracker was created to support food poverty alliances to capture and track the difference they make and how they work collectively.

Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance Survey 2019

This is the survey used by the GMFPA to survey its members in Spring 2019.

Telling stories and shaping solutions: A toolkit for empowering people who have lived experience of food poverty

This toolkit provides guidance and case studies on empowering people with lived experience of food poverty to make change happen.

Making the most of Healthy Start: A toolkit for local action

This toolkit shares actions which can be taken by local authorities, health professionals and the community sector to increase the uptake of Healthy Start vouchers.

Briefing: Tackling food poverty in rural communities

A review of the challenges facing rural communities and examples from around the UK of the response to food poverty and action to address its root causes.

Toolkit: Ensuring children's access to food 365 days a year

This toolkit identifies five key target areas where UK food poverty alliances can be effective and advocate for change to improve children’s access to food.

Review of monitoring, measuring and evaluating 

A range of tools, methods and approaches for food poverty alliances to monitor, measure and evaluate their work.

Quick guide to monitoring and evaluation 

This briefing provides a quick summary of key principles and actions for monitoring and evaluation.

Mapping and measuring food poverty and the local response

This briefing highlights how a variety of areas in the UK have measured and mapped food poverty at the local level, as well how services have responded to this need.

Developing food poverty action plans

This short guide offers advice on drafting and delivering local food poverty action plans. The guide is based on analysis of a number of recently-produced local food poverty strategies or plans.

Meals on wheels: good practice case studies

The case studies produced by Sustain, Sustainable Food Cities and the National Association of Care Catering outline how these meals on wheels services are operated, the additional services or value which they provide beyond delivery of prepared meals, their local partnerships and hopes for the future.

Measuring household food insecurity in the UK

The UK currently does not measure household food insecurity, defined as insufficient or insecure access to food due to resource constraint. The absence of regular, accurate data keeps the magnitude of the problem hidden, allowing for government inaction.

Time to count the hungry: The case for a standard UK measure of household food insecurity

Time to count the hungry argues that the UK would benefit from using a standard measure of household food insecurity, which could be used to monitor the problem as part of existing social and health surveys.

Food Power programme documents

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