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S.O.S. Save Our Seafish!

There's probably no cod - bus advertisement
As you've probably seen in the news, there's been a tremendous fuss about advertising debating the existence or otherwise of God, with competing ads stating that there is "Probably no God" and counter-ads stating there is "Definitely a God".

At Sustain, we occupy ourselves with more earthly matters, such as the threats to our food system from climate change, the economic crisis and irresponsible and inequitable use of the earth's resources. We created this spoof advert to draw attention to one critical sustainability issue - the threat to world fish stocks. Thank you for visiting this page to find out more.

Vital fish stocks are in serious danger of being destroyed by over-fishing. Whether you're a shopper, caterer or supermarket buyer, choose sustainable fish and stop using endangered fish species. Find out how by following the links below.

Stop buying fish from overfished stocks or badly managed fisheries as listed on the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘fish to avoid’ list. An interactive version is available on the Greenpeace International Seafood Red List website.Marine Stewardship Council

Support organisations and businesses that promote sustainably caught fish using the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo (see what it looks like on the right of this page), which is certified to come from well-managed fisheries and not from endangered stocks, see:

Ask your local retailer, fishmonger or restaurant for assurances that the fish they supply has been legally and sustainably caught - and for evidence if you are not convinced by the answer. 

Retailer ratings for sustainable fish 2007Use your buying power
In 2007, we helped survey supermarkets on how well they support customers in making sustainable fish choices. In the final report, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose were helping their customers a lot, but Tesco and Somerfield performed very poorly. Use your buying power to support supermarkets that help to Save our Seafish. And complain if they keep on serving unsustainable fish - they need to hear that their customers care.

If you run a restaurant or catering business, consider joining the Ethical Eats network, to make your business more sustainable, and find out more on the Good Catch website.

Plenty more fish in the sea?


  • On Sustain's Sustainable Food Guidelines pages, read  information about the crisis in fish stocks, and what you can do to help.
  • Support campaigns for policy change to help preserve the marine environment. Find out how on the Greenpeace Defending Our Oceans campaign website.



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