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The new school food standards

The new standards for school food have been introduced to:

The standards, as recommended by the School Food Trust (see are as follows:

  1. No confectionary including chocolate, chocolate products, sweets, cereal bars and coated dried fruit will be sold in schools
  2. No bagged savoury snacks other than nuts and seeds (without added salt or sugar) will be sold in schools
  3. A variety of fruit and vegetables should be available in all school food outlets. This could include fresh, dried, frozen, canned or juiced varieties
  4. Children and young people must have easy access at all times to free, fresh drinking water in schools

The only other drinks available will be:

NB Artificial sweeteners can be used only in yoghurt and milk drinks; or combinations containing yogurt or milk.

The standards will be mandatory for all schools in the UK by September 2007 and schools and caterers are being advised to make changes throughout the year in preparation.