Get the junk off the checkouts!

Angry at how unhealthy snacks and treats are placed to tempt you and your children at the supermarket checkout?

The British Dietetic Association’s (BDA) Dietitians in Obesity Management Specialist Group (DOM UK) and the Children's Food Campaign have joined forces to urge supermarkets to act on customer concern and permanently remove unhealthy snacks from checkouts and queuing areas.

The Junk Free Checkouts campaign gives you a number of easy ways, both in store and online, of highlighting what is being sold at checkouts and in queuing aisles, and pressing the case for change at the till. 

TAKE ACTION: challenge supermarkets to go junk free at the checkout


Actions - in store

​ The junk free checkout test

Test Card - Fail   

Hand in a ‘pass’ or a ‘fail’ card to the cashier, to give to the store manager.  Or put one in the comments box at the customer service desk. 

Checkouts wall of shame /  wall of fame  

Add your images and experiences of the worst offenders or examples of best practice.  It's easy: a quick snap or a couple of sentences is all we need. Send in via email or follow the links to add direct to our Wall of Shame and Wall of Fame.

Checkouts audit                        


Actions - at home

 Write to your Store Manager: Print and send off this template letter.

 Sign this British Dental Association e-petition to the Government: Sign here

 Read our Checkouts Checked Out report: Download a copy of the report 



Children's Food Campaign - / 020 7065 0902


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