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News: Mother superior

A week today sees the start of the fourth annual #SourdoughSeptember, when fermentalists of the world unite to help everyone discover that life’s sweeter with sourdough!
25 Aug 2016

News: It’s #SourdoughSeptember!

Fomented (and fermented) by the Real Bread Campaign, #SourdoughSeptember is the international celebration of genuine sourdough, encouraging people to buy it from small, independent Real Bread bakeries, or make it at home.
1 Sep 2017

News: ASA ruling shows Iceland ‘finest ingredients’ loaf claim is meaningless

Responding to a complaint by the Real Bread Campaign, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has given the opinion that the frozen food chain’s ‘crafted using only the finest ingredients’ advertising claim for additive-laden loaves is not misleading ‘because “finest” had no defined meaning’.
13 Dec 2017

Recipe: Chris Young’s bag o’ bread

One bag = three large loaves

News: Are Supermarket Bloomers (Still) Pants?

Eight years since publishing its original Are Supermarket Bloomers Pants? report, the Real Bread Campaign believes that what much of supermarket ‘in-store bakery’ still amounts to is little more than in-store theatre.
11 Oct 2018

Article: Lay all your loaf on me

In 2016, Scotland The Bread founders Andrew Whitley and Veronica Burke visited Denmark and Sweden to to meet plant breeders, farmers, millers and bakers at the heart of a Nordic bread revolution.

News: On your marks…

When out and about on your weekly food hunt, keep your eyes peeled for The Real Bread Loaf Mark.
23 Feb 2021

News: Look for The Sourdough Loaf Mark!

For shoppers seeking genuine sourdough bread.
1 Sep 2021

News: Sourdough September raises smiles around the world

The success of the Real Bread Campaign’s annual extravaganza is indicated by more than 5600 social media posts from at least 57 countries.
7 Oct 2019

News: Warburtons ad leaves bitter taste

A Real Bread Campaign complaint is being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority.
29 Mar 2021

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