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Nestle and Coke unlikely winners in corporate sustainability index

The global beverage behemoths may have perfect scores on paper -- but campaigners remain unconvinced by their sustainability in practice

30/09/2016   Sustain

'Intention' is to protect EU nationals working in UK food sector

The Defra Secretary of State tries to be reassuring -- but admits no-one knows how the negotiations will go

30/09/2016   Sustain

New report highlights huge social and economic costs of malnutrition

The risk that poor diets pose to mortality and morbidity is now greater than the combined risks of unsafe sex, alcohol, drug and tobacco use, at a cost equivalent to a global financial crisis every year

30/09/2016   Sustain

The hidden horrors of palm oil

The world's most widely consumed vegetable oil is often just an ingredient listed in small type on a label -- but its human and environmental costs are enormous, as a new report lays bare

30/09/2016   Sustain

Food Research Collaboration launches online resource on food after Brexit

Website will host reports, talks, blogs and more, from academia and civil society, to monitor and shape discussions of how British food and farming will look outside the EU 

30/09/2016   Sustain

Local health campaigners hand out toothbrushes and tell Labour Conference: ‘Tax the Can and help people to Give Up Loving Pop’

Today, Monday 26 September, Food Active, a Liverpool-based healthy weight campaign, is handing out free toothbrushes to Labour Party Conference delegates and confronting the soft drinks industry's attempts to block a sugary drinks tax.  This activity is in response to the British Soft Drinks Association’s sponsorship of a fringe meeting about tackling obesity, and their lobbying at the Conference and to MPs to stop the Government’s proposed Soft Drinks Industry Levy.

26/09/2016   Children's Food Campaign

Smallholders share big ideas

Early findings from the Land Workers' Alliance survey show that smallholders' incomes are modest but they provide more employment per hectare than conventional farmers

23/09/2016   Sustain

Sustain members are looking for...

A Project Administrator, a Chair and some interesting organic gardens ...

23/09/2016   Sustain

Pesticide companies' own tests reveal serious bee harm from neonics

Unpublished data from Syngenta and Bayer shows that their products cause serious harm to honeybee colonies, leading scientists to call for field trial results to be routinely made public

23/09/2016   Sustain

Click to find out whether your coffee shop is cruelty-free

Compassion in World Farming has taken its battle against caged hens online, with a map that shows whether your local eateries use cruelty-free eggs

23/09/2016   Sustain

MEPS and French chefs demand investigation of Monsanto-Bayer merger

Gigantic, newly formed agrochemicals corporation poses a threat to competition, biodiversity and choice, say protestors 

23/09/2016   Sustain

Authorities unite to tackle bugs' resistance to antibiotics

World leaders gather at the UN to plan concerted action, as UK's Food Standards Agency publishes report on the threat posed by 'AMR'

23/09/2016   Sustain

GM soy farmers use 28% more herbicide than conventional growers

A new, long-term study by the University of Virginia has concluded that widespread adoption of genetically modified crops has decreased the use of insecticides, but increased the use of weed-killing herbicides as weeds become more resistant

23/09/2016   Sustain

Brits willing to go the extra mile for sustainable fish and chips

Four in five (80%) fish and chip fans believe the UK’s 10,500 fish and chip shops should serve certified sustainable fish, according to YouGov research on behalf of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

23/09/2016   Sustainable Fish Cities

Newspaper backs food redistribution scheme in London

London's daily newspaper, the Evening Standard, is supporting a campaign to help supermarkets donate more of their unsold food to projects that feed the hungry and homeless

23/09/2016   Food Poverty

Farm for a better environment, head of government advisory body says

A senior government adviser on resource use has warned against 'simply replicating the CAP', and calls for a gradual but radical transformation in the way the UK is farmed

23/09/2016   Sustain

Sustain responds to Evening Standard's campaign on food waste and food poverty

Sustain's Food Poverty officer, Simon Shaw, reflects on the new Evening Standard campaign, Food for London, launched on 20 September, and its fit with the work of Sustain and its members to tackle both food poverty and food waste.

23/09/2016   Food Poverty

The Mayor of London celebrates the best of urban food

On 21 September, The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan opened the third annual Urban Food Awards and presented a new award recognising the use of surplus food.

22/09/2016   Urban Food Fortnight

Capital Growth publishes new toolkit to help Londoners grow wild

London Grows Wild is a hands-on guide to help urban food growers incorporate wildlife-friendly practices and principles into their gardens.

19/09/2016   Sustain

Tesco executives charged with fraud

Three former senior employees to appear in court, following the accounting scandal that caused the retailer's profits to crash in 2014

16/09/2016   Sustain


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