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A people-centred food policy for the 21st century?

Looking back, looking forward: the 2016 City Food Symposium offers a chance to deliberate the achievements, omissions and future direction of food policy

21/10/2016   Sustain

Better food for Greater Manchester

As part of the devolution process, Manchester is renewing its 'People's Plan' and the Kindling Trust wants to take the opportunity to make Greater Manchester a Sustainable Food City

21/10/2016   Sustain

New campaign to End Hunger in the UK

Sustain has joined many partners and allies to launch the campaign to End Hunger in the UK.

21/10/2016   Sustain

Public consultation on organic standards

If you have a view on how the Soil Association's organic standards could be improved, now is the time to have your say

21/10/2016   Sustain

Lib-Dems focus on food in their latest Brexit paper

In a detailed analysis of the implications of Brexit on food and farming, the Lib Dem ex-leader Nick Clegg argues for a deal that would combine membership of the Single Market with the freedom to forge separate trade deals

21/10/2016   Sustain

Children's views on living in food insecurity

A new report finds that children have a good understanding of the importance of healthy diets, and are very sensitive to the household tensions that can arise when money for food is short.

21/10/2016   Food Poverty

Time to put commitments into action, FAO chief urges

The UN food agency once again calls for urgent action to overhaul food and farming systems.

21/10/2016   Sustain

Joined-up policy? Not for bottled water

As environmental campaigners lament the huge number of plastic water bottles dumped every day in the UK, the beverage industry is gearing up to sell more bottled water to children.

21/10/2016   Sustain

Fast food choices influence kids' calorie consumption

Children who order a combination meal at fast-food restaurants are more likely to get a sugary drink that ups the meal's total calories, according to a new study.

20/10/2016   Children's Food Campaign

Campaign to keep meat inspection independent

Sustain member HUSH has launched a petition to block FSA plans to remove independent inspectors from slaughterhouses.

14/10/2016   Sustain

Bruce Charles 'Bill' Mollison, 1928 - 2016

Sustainable growers are urged to plant a tree in remembrance of the 'father of permaculture', who died last month.

14/10/2016   Sustain

Do you have three hours to help fight hunger and food waste?

Farehare's ninth annual neighbourhood food collect-a-thon needs volunteers.

14/10/2016   Sustain

Season of mists and counting earthworms

Forget megafauna -- Garden Organic wants us to take stock of the charismatic annelids in our gardens, allotments and urban spaces.

14/10/2016   Sustain

Petition for binding legal target for food waste

Sustain member Friends of the Earth has joined other campaign groups to launch a petition to get a strong European waste target into UK law before Brexit.

14/10/2016   Sustain

Food industry is set targets for eliminating sugar

As part of the Obesity Plan, food manufacturers are called on to remove 20% of sugar from a range of fattening foods by 2020.

14/10/2016   Sustain

The Children’s Health Fund is one year old

The Children’s Health Fund celebrated its first anniversary on Tuesday 11 October, after raising nearly £90,000 since launching in September 2015.

14/10/2016   Children's Health Fund

Councils call for mandatory traffic light labelling

The Local Government Association says clear, consistent, conspicuous nutritional information should be a legal requirement on food and drink packaging

14/10/2016   Sustain

Tesco-Unilever spat just the beginning, industry warned

UK retail customers are in for a spell of 'price rise poker', as suppliers game the uncertainty and volatility surrounding Brexit

14/10/2016   Sustain

Investors urge switch to plant-based protein

The case for eating less meat and dairy has received a boost from a group that wants to use the power of investment to leverage change in the food system

14/10/2016   Sustain

Plan for the worst: obesity targets unlikely to be met

Health authorities must make provision for a significant increase in childhood obesity and associated illness, according to a new report from the World Obesity Federation

14/10/2016   Sustain


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