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Forest gardening under review

In 2010, two anonymous donors gave a total of £9,000 to the Permaculture Association to conduct a 10-year research trial into forest gardens in the UK. A mid-term report documents the achievements and challenges.

11/11/2016   Sustain

Proud to be 'Vegcurious'

That's as in 'Leave it out lads, I'm not a vegetarian I'm just vegcurious'. Sustain member Eating Better has launched a campaign to persuade young men that there's nothing effeminate about eating vegetables.

11/11/2016   Sustain

New tools for measuring food impacts and policies

A Food Realities Index and a Food Barometer will provide data to help the Food Ethics Council hold UK policy-makers to account.

11/11/2016   Sustain

Is Big Farming weaning itself off chemicals?

The official farmers' advisory body, the AHDB, is running a trial of glyphosate-free farming, while vegetable growers have been warned about the dangerous consequences of their over-reliance on pesticides.

11/11/2016   Sustain

A carbon tax on food could cut GHG emissions by 9%

An academic study suggests that a food tax based on a product's carbon footprint could significantly reduce diet-related greenhouse gas emissions, and also benefit public health.

11/11/2016   Sustain

Application to conduct field trial of GM wheat

Researchers at Rothamsted have applied for a licence to carry out a field trial of a genetically modified wheat crop in Hertfordshire. If Defra grants permission, it will be the second ongoing GM field trial in the UK.

11/11/2016   Sustain

Review of Grocery Code Adjudicator: stakeholder meetings

Open meetings are being held around the country to discuss the performance of the Groceries Code Adjudicator, and consider whether to extend the GCA's remit.

11/11/2016   Sustain

Comparing demand-side efforts to reduce diet-related GHGs

A report from the international agricultural research partnership CGIAR reviews various measures that tackle food-related greenhouse gas emissions by trying to to change consumer behaviour.

11/11/2016   Sustain

Once again Real Bread bakeries rise to the top

On 6 November 2016, The Sunday Times named The 30 Best Bakeries in the UK, almost two-thirds of which have stated that they bake Real Bread.

09/11/2016   Real Bread Campaign

London grows wild

Capital Growth have produced an easy-to-use guide to help assess how wildlife friendly your garden grows. 

07/11/2016   Capital Growth

Why Britain needs more pasture-fed livestock

A new Briefing Paper makes the case for more extensive, low-input, grass-based farming and sets out the policy changes needed to achieve it.

04/11/2016   Sustain

End the inhumane shipping of live animals

Compassion in World Farming calls for support for a Bill that would give local authority ports the right to reject live animal freight.

04/11/2016   Sustain

Pig Revolution crowdfunder

Farms Not Factories, which campaigns against cheap meat from animal factories, has launched a crowdfunder to finance a film connecting chefs with high-welfare pig farmers.

04/11/2016   Sustain

A post-Brexit policy for small-scale farmers

The Landworkers' Alliance has published the full results of its membership survey, which specify how policy could best support small-scale and family farmers.  

04/11/2016   Sustain

Kellogg’s marketing in spotlight as cereal manufacturers meet to discuss sugar reduction

On the day Britain’s major cereal brands sit down with Public Health England to discuss how they will cut sugar from their products [1], Children’s Food Campaign has revealed the extent of Kellogg’s continued commitment to promoting sugary food to children and their parents.

04/11/2016   Children's Food Campaign

CETA's unknown impacts on UK food and farming

The fixation on Brexit has distracted attention from another international agreement with big implications for British food producers.

04/11/2016   Sustain

New childhood obesity figures reveal stark inequalities

Obesity prevalence for children living in England's most deprived areas is more than double that for children living in the least deprived areas, with boys more at risk than girls.

04/11/2016   Sustain

National Food Crime Unit explains itself

A new Guide is intended to encourage more food chain workers to expose fraud or other illegal activity.

04/11/2016   Sustain

Every little helps Tesco investors

Institutions that had invested heavily in Tesco before it was hit by financial scandals are claiming more than £100 million in damages.

04/11/2016   Sustain

Waitrose answers call to avoid GM feed

GM Freeze's campaign scores an early victory, as Waitrose commits to using responsibly sourced  non-GM animal feed  for its meat products.

04/11/2016   Sustain


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