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Food thinkers seek harmony in Wales

Farmers, activists, academics and commentators -- a dazzling range of food thinkers and doers -- will gather in Wales in July for the Sustainable Food Trust's conference on the theme of Harmony in Food and Farming.

11/06/2017   Sustain

Think you're an organic gardener?

An accessible new booklet from Sustain member Garden Organic sets out the five key principles of organic gardening -- and there's more to it than avoiding toxic chemicals.

11/06/2017   Sustain

Looking for farmland in Scotland?

Sustain member Nourish Scotland is collaborating with a new organisation, the Scottish Farm Land Trust, to increase access to land for small-scale ecological agriculture.

11/06/2017   Sustain

Conference to reduce antibiotic use in food animals

The rise of bacteria that are resistant to all known antibiotics is an urgent threat to public health. Routine use in food animals has been identified as a major contributor to the problem. This conference aims to help stakeholders to reduce the food industry's dangerous dependence on antibiotics.

11/06/2017   Sustain

Over 1.7million children in England at risk of losing free school lunch

1,707,400 children in England aged 4-7 years will no longer receive free school meals if the proposals to axe universal infant free school meals (UIFSM) go ahead. This includes 251,488 children who live in poverty.

07/06/2017   Children's Food Campaign

City of London’s Bow Lane Dental Group takes on sugar this June

A dental practice in the City of London has joined with Sugar Smart and is launching a 30 day challenege this June to kick the sugar habit and inspire others.

07/06/2017   Sustainable Food Cities

Help halve the EU's mountain of food waste

Help campaign for the European Council to accept ambitious food waste reduction targets, which will set EU food waste policy for the next 14 years.

06/06/2017   Food Waste

President Macron to defend French fishing after Brexit

French President Macron states he will defend the right of French fishermen to catch fish in British waters after Brexit.

06/06/2017   Brexit

"Disappointment" in Trump's climate position is not enough say green groups

UK environmental groups call on the next UK Prime Minister to make it clear that the Paris climate change agreement cannot be renegotiated, and that expressing 'disappointment' to US President Trump on failing to ratify the landmark agreement is not enough.

06/06/2017   Sustain

Bristol Water joins SUGAR SMART Bristol with a splash

Bristol Water joins the SUGAR SMART Bristol Campaign this summer with free Water Bar pop ups at popular events to help residents consume less sugar and waste less plastic.

05/06/2017   Sugar Smart UK

Bath & North East Somerset SUGAR SMART Launch a sweet success

Radstock and Westfield welcomed the community launch of SUGAR SMART Bath & North East Somerset, where hundreds of residents found out about reducing sugar in their diets, and won healthy goodies through the Human Fruit Machine.

05/06/2017   Sugar Smart UK

New report highlights environmental benefits of MSC certification

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) today published it's Global Impacts Report 2017, detailing more than a thousand positive changes made by certified fisheries to safeguard fish stocks and marine habitats.

01/06/2017   Sustainable Fish Cities

New Deal for Farmers post Brexit - major alliance launches new policy proposals

Pull down the pillars of the EU farm policy and create a strong future for UK farmers after Brexit, major alliance of food and farming groups tells next Government 

01/06/2017   Food and Farming Policy

Electrify The ‘Eel!

London Food Link, part of the food and farming charity Sustain, has launched a crowdfunding campaign, inviting people to be part of the future of the voice for good food for London.

01/06/2017   London Food Link

New Real Bread brew

Crumbs Brewing has teamed up with Chalk Hills Bakery to become the latest initiative to turn a slice of the UK enormous loaf surplus into beer.

30/05/2017   Real Bread Campaign

Co-op puts British farmers in its freezers

The Co-op will be the first retailer to sell 100% British meat in both fresh and own-brand frozen meat products.

25/05/2017   Sustain

Time to talk about food work

A new Briefing Paper from Sustain member the Food Research Collaboration looks at work trends in the UK food manufacturing sector.

25/05/2017   Sustain

Sainsbury's accused of 'disempowering' Fairtrade farmers

The Fairtrade Foundation is not partnering with the new Sainsbury’s Foundation pilot in tea due to fundamental concerns that it falls below the core principles of Fairtrade, and because farmers in Africa felt that it would take away their control.

25/05/2017   Sustain

Nourish Scotland calls on political parties to guarantee Scottish powers

Nourish Scotland wants all parties contesting the election to safeguard the powers that would allow the country to pursue a more sustainable food policy.

25/05/2017   Sustain

More support for organics called for

New statistics show that the area under organic cultivation has fallen slightly, even while demand is growing, leading to lost opportunities and increased imports. The Soil Association is calling on the next government to boost support for organics.

25/05/2017   Sustain


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