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The Community Supported Agriculture Network is celebrating

Sustain member the CSA Network is marking two successful years of cultivating community supported agriculture in the UK. With nearly 100 CSA farms now enrolled, it is reaching out to new members, whether growers, customers or supporters.

14/07/2017   Sustain

Student-led farmers' markets

Over 15 student groups have been awarded start up costs and support from the Soil Association, to set up and run food markets on campus as part of the National Union of Students' (NUS) led Student Eats programme.

14/07/2017   Food co-ops

The growing success of Community Supported Agriculture

CSA Network UK celebrates its last two years growing the community supported agriculture (CSA) movement in the UK. CSA farms reconnect the public with local food and support ecological farmers.

14/07/2017   Food co-ops

UK Government must restrict farm antibiotics after Brexit

The UK Government must adopt high regulatory standards for farm antibiotics when the UK leaves the EU, The Repeal Bill, published on 13th June 2017, is just the start.

13/07/2017   Brexit

No Honest Crust Act decision until after Brexit says Defra

In its most recent response to the Real Bread Campaign’s long-standing call for loaf labelling and marketing legislation that offers better protection for customers and small bakeries, Defra has proposed to take no action until after Britain has left the EU.

12/07/2017   Real Bread Campaign

Help the London Food Link Jellied Eel final crowdfunding push

Our fundraising campaign ends at 10am this Thursday and we’re close to our target but still need your help to reach it.

11/07/2017   Urban Food Fortnight

Government commits to help the world's poorest countries post-Brexit

Post-Brexit, the UK government has committed to continuing to allow duty-free access to UK markets for some of the poorest countries in the world.

10/07/2017   Brexit

Vicki Hird, Sustain Campaigner talks farming, food and trade on BBC Panorama

Vicki Hird, Sustain’s Farm Campaign Coordinator features in the BBC Panorama programme to be broadcast today (10 July 2017) talking on the likely impact on our food and farming of a new trade deal with the United States.  

[Update: the programme can now be viewed on Iplayer - ]

10/07/2017   Sustain

Sustain alliance convenes to plan for action on Brexit

Sustain is campaigning for a Better Food Britain. This will seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for better food, farming and fishing as the UK leaves the European Union. The alliance met on 27 June 2017 to identify priorities for action in pursuit of the common goal of a Better Food Britain.

10/07/2017   Brexit

Environment groups set out demands for Repeal Bill

Leading UK environment groups, coordinated by Greener UK and Wildlife & Countryside Link, have set out their shared demands for the Repeal Bill that promises to transpose EU legislation into UK law.

10/07/2017   Brexit

Sourdough September is only weeks away: Get involved!

2017 marks the international celebration of sourdough’s fifth anniversary, and the Real Bread Campaign needs YOUR help to make it another success!

05/07/2017   Real Bread Campaign

All you need to know on new junk food marketing rules

Children's Food Campaign has produced a handy guide to the new rules which came into force on 1 July 2017 restricting junk food advertising to children. This is the first stage of our 'Operation Eagle Eye' mission to monitor the new rules, report infringements and reduce children's exposure to all forms of junk food marketing.

05/07/2017   Children's Food Campaign

MPs call for Parliamentary Scrutiny of trade deals

MPs are calllng on government to ensure that future trade deals are open to proper scrutiny by the public and parliament.

04/07/2017   Brexit

Recent study underlines need for more loaf research

A small but widely reported Israeli study has prompted the Real Bread Campaign to renew its call for more research into the effects on health different types of loaf production.

03/07/2017   Real Bread Campaign

Marine Conservation Society calls for protection of wildlife laws

The Marine Conservation Society is calling on concerned citizens to lobby their MPs to protect wildlife laws that may come into question in the Brexit process.

03/07/2017   Brexit

Farmwel produces blueprint for post-Brexit British agriculture

The farm sustainability consultancy Farmwel has produced a blueprint for agricultural land use and food production in the UK which sets out a vision for post-Brexit British agriculture.

02/07/2017   Brexit

Farm Minister George Eustice discusses new Agriculture Bill

Farming Minister George Eustice has set out early plans for the UK’s new Agriculture Bill in an interview with Farmers Guardian. He signals a ‘very intense phase of engagement’ with NGOs and farming organisations during autumn 2017, followed by ‘quite clear indications’ of the scope of the Agriculture Bill in early 2018.

01/07/2017   Brexit

People's Food Policy launched

A set of proposals to revolutionise food and farming, for the benefit of producers, consumers and the environment, has been produced by an alliance supported by Sustain and several of our member organisations.

30/06/2017   Sustain

Eating for two degrees

Sustain member WWF has updated its 'Livewell' sustainable dietary guidelines to show how people can eat in ways that help to limit climate change.

30/06/2017   Sustain


The merger between two of the leading farming and food educational charities, LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) and FACE (Farming and Countryside Education), has been confirmed and will take effect from 30 June 2017.

30/06/2017   Sustain


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