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Food for Life found to boost fruit and veg consumption in school pupils

A comparative study has found that the campaign is succeeding, and the higher the level of engagement with the programme (gold, silver or bronze), the bigger the increase in consumption.

07/08/2017   Sustain

The true cost of American food

As gung-ho Brexiteers hail the opportunity to bring cheap food to Britain from the US, Sustain member the Sustainable Food Trust has published a timely conference report in which a range of experts examine the hidden costs of the US food system.

07/08/2017   Sustain

Get young hands on the land

A new report from Sustain member the Land Workers' Alliance sets out policy proposals to tackle the unfair obstacles that prevent young people from becoming farmers.

07/08/2017   Sustain

EU regulates to reduce acrylamides

Food businesses will soon be required to reduce the amount of acrylamides in food, and the EU is also considering setting maximum levels for certain foods 'without delay'.

07/08/2017   Sustain

Real Bread tastes great!

Real Bread Campaign supporter Ma Baker has scooped a prestigious 3-star Great Taste Award, for her porridge bread.

03/08/2017   Real Bread Campaign

London’s good food scene ‘gets connected’

Over 50 of London’s food producers, retailers and makers came together on Monday 17 July as part of London Food Link’s Get Connected for Urban Food Fortnight event at the Table Café.

03/08/2017   London Food Link

Artificial sweeteners: not a panacea

Results of a large-scale study suggest that the use of artificial sweeteners does not help with weight reduction, and may even contribute to heart disease.

31/07/2017   Sugar Smart UK

Vegan anti-dairy advert allowed

An advert criticising dairy practices for being 'inhumane' has been approved by the Advertising Standards Authority, despite complaints from the dairy industry.

31/07/2017   Sustain

Online tool maps food retail outlets across England

As concern rises over the ready availablity of high-calorie, high-fat fast food, especially in deprived areas, a new online tool allows councils and campaigners to find out the concentration of outlets by area.

31/07/2017   Sustain

Scottish government launches pollinator strategy

Since 1980, the number of pollinating insects in Scotland - honey bees, bumble bees, the solitary bee, butterflies and hoverflies - has fallen by an estimated 51%. The decline, which threatens food crops and biodiversity, has rung alarm bells in Holyrood. This new strategy is the response.

31/07/2017   Sustain

Punchy #SUGARSMART animation reveals impact of sugary drinks on young people

Healthy Norwich has produced an animation exposing the impacts of fizzy drinks on young people’s health and wellbeing to inspire teens to kick the habit.

31/07/2017   Sugar Smart UK

A brave new world for livestock

A report from the Eating Better alliance urges policy makers to seize the opportunity to forge a policy for British meat and dairy that would benefit humans, animals, the climate and the environment.

31/07/2017   Sustain

Tell Keep Britain Tidy how you deal with food waste

Do you recycle your food waste or is it something you avoid? What would make it easier for you to recycle your food waste at home? What do you think of your council's food waste collection service? Share your views and help make changes.

31/07/2017   Sustain

Who would be a farmer?

Apparently one in four British adults likes the idea of giving up the day job to work on a farm. But a new report from the rural charity the Prince's Countryside Fund highlights a chasm between between the positive perception and the tougher realities of the profession.

31/07/2017   Sustain

Peers call for animal welfare standards to be protected

The latest report from the House of Lords committee looking at the impact of Brexit focuses on animal welfare standards, and warns against dilution of the standards in post-Brexit trade deals.

31/07/2017   Sustain

Needed urgently: a new, improved trade policy

Responding to Theresa May's vision for Britain as a 'great, global trading nation', the Institute for Government has set out the steps needed for the Department for International Trade and across Whitehall to launch a successful UK trade policy, using the powers repatriated from Brussels.

31/07/2017   Sustain

Government reduces its promised funding for health and well-being initiatives in schools

The end of the school term has been marked by the disappointing double-loss of promised Government funding for health and wellbeing initiatives in schools. The Healthy Pupils Capital Fund budget has been cut by £315 million - ie. a 3/4 reduction. And the Government has confirmed it will no longer be going ahead with the offer of free breakfasts to all primary school children, as it had originally promised in its General Election manifesto.

27/07/2017   Children's Food Campaign

We are to get a new Agriculture Act - so let's have a look at the old one - the 1947 Agriculture Act

As the Queen's speech confirmed, we are to get a new Agriculture Act after we leave the EU and its Common Agriculture Policy, We had a quick rummage into the past to see what the last one said and it was rather interesting.

27/07/2017   Brexit

Liam Fox, don’t force US food standards on us

Food policy organisations have come together to object to Trade Secretary Liam Fox's dismissal of chlorinated chicken as a "detail". The groups work to improve public health, reduce farm antibiotics, control pesticides, promote children's nutrition, and to champion healthy and sustainable food policies.

26/07/2017   Brexit

We did it!

Thanks to the help of generous donors, pledgers and everyone who helped spread the word, London Food Link has comfortably buzzed beyond its Electrify the 'Eel crowdfunding campaign target.

25/07/2017   London Food Link


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