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Would you like extra calories with that?

The average person consumes an additional 330 calories each week -- 17,000 a year -- as a result of businesses 'upselling' high-calorie food and drink (offering an additional topping or a side, for example), according to a new report.

12/10/2017   Sustain

Grazed and still confused?

A detailed report from the Food Climate Research Network seeks to bring clarity to the much-debated question: Is grass-fed beef good or bad for the climate? The authors' answer -- after much erudite analysis -- is that on the whole, it's bad. But Sustain member the Sustainable Food Trust disagrees. 

12/10/2017   Sustain

75% of honey contains neonicotinoids

A new study has found that three-quarters of the honey produced around the world is contaminated with bee-killing pesticides, albeit at levels not deemed harmful to humans.

12/10/2017   Sustain

No Loaf Lost

There are growing numbers of initiatives and enterprises working to reduce the amount of surplus loaves that are wasted. Now the Real Bread Campaign is working to help bakeries tackle the surplus they produce in the first place.

09/10/2017   Real Bread Campaign

Anyone for a chlorine-dipped trade bill?

Sustain flag up the risks that we need to navigate in the new trade relationships the UK will be forging in the years to come after today's announcement outlining a new Trade Bill.

09/10/2017   Sustain

September sees global sourdough shenanigans

The Real Bread Campaign’s sixth annual Sourdough September saw mother lovin’ bakers and baking teachers in Britain and beyond share secrets and starters for the oldest way of loaf leavening.

09/10/2017   Real Bread Campaign

A Fortnight of Food and Festivities

2017 saw London Food Link's 6th annual Urban Food Fortnight, with 100 events and special menus across 24 London boroughs, celebrating food for good.

05/10/2017   London Food Link

Waltham Forest takes a stand on sugar

Waltham Forest becomes the fourth London borough to sign Local Government Declaration on Sugar Reduction and Healthier Food

04/10/2017   London Food Link

Bristol launches catchy social media campaign

SUGAR SMART Bristol has launched a brilliant and informative social media campaign amied at young people. The campaign features facts about hidden sugars in everyday foods, and a catchy animation with a familiar tune.

03/10/2017   Sugar Smart UK

Green Brexit: Securing the future for farming and the environment

Wildlife and Countryside Link’s Agriculture Working Group, working with the Soil Association and Sustain have set out our ideas for a Sustainable Farming and Land Management policy in England, with a short briefing summarising the contents of a more detailed discussion paper

02/10/2017   Food and Farming Policy

World hunger levels rise again

After a prolonged decline, the number of chronically undernourished people in the world increased last year, according to the latest statistics from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation.

29/09/2017   Food Poverty

Slave labour exposed in global food production

New statistics show that 16 million people were in forced labour in the global private economy in 2016. Among cases where the type of work was known, more than 1 in 10 worked in agriculture or fishing.

29/09/2017   Food and Farming Policy

Shocking film emerges from Two Sisters chicken factory

The Food Standards Agency has launched an investigation after undercover filming showed workers changing date-of-kill labels, repacking rejected meat and retrieving meat from the floor -- all apparent breaches of hygiene and safety laws.

29/09/2017   Food and Farming Policy

Chicken, fries... and hold the antibiotics

A coalition of organisations in the US is using the formidable buying power of America's fast food industry to leverage reductions in antibiotic use along meat supply chains.

29/09/2017   Save Our Antibiotics

Huge food waste occurs in the field

The waste-reduction agency WRAP has conducted its first investigation into food waste on farms, looking at two commercially important crops -- lettuce and strawberries. It found significant waste, and big differences between farms. 

29/09/2017   Food and Farming Policy

Pesticides need bigger and better regulation

An article co-authored by Defra's Chief Scientific Officer argues that better regulation is needed to control how pesticides are used and affect the environment at a landscape scale. 

29/09/2017   Food and Farming Policy

Community Food get-together in Glasgow

Sustain member Community Food and Health Scotland is hosting its annual networking event in Glasgow this year, on Monday 25th October.

29/09/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Gus Schumacher: a tribute from Sustain

All of us at Sustain are sorry to have received news of the death Gus Schumacher, an inspirational food campaigner from the US. 

29/09/2017   Food Poverty

London’s prize veggies celebrated as part of Capital Growths’ Urban Harvest day

Capital Growth’s 8th autumn open day took place on Saturday 16 September at 27 flourishing community food gardens across London. 

29/09/2017   Capital Growth

How was your Sourdough September?

The Real Bread Campaign wants to see and share your photos and stories from the annual month of fermentative frolics.

28/09/2017   Real Bread Campaign


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