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New survey shows dried-up state of drinking fountains in UK's parks

A survey published by the Children's Food Campaign finds that the vast majority of public parks around the UK have no public drinking fountains. This encourages thirsty children to turn to sugary alternatives or go without, both of which are bad for their health.

31/05/2010   Children's Food Campaign

Tiny tots need legal protection: Children's Food Campaign response to LACORS survey of nursery food

The Children's Food Campaign welcomes the survey carried out by LACORS into the standard of food served to children in UK nurseries, but is concerned that the report's recommendations do not go far enough.

14/04/2010   Children's Food Campaign

Children's Food Campaign response to ASA ruling on Kellogg's 'Coco Pops after school' advertisement

The Children's Food Campaign are disappointed by the Advertising Standards Authority's ruling that the Kellogg's Coco Pops advert featuring a cartoon character in school uniform did not break its code and was not 'socially irresponsible' despite encouraging children to eat more of a high-sugar product.

07/04/2010   Children's Food Campaign

The next Jamie: Blue Peter gardener launches campaign

With the school summer term approaching, Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins has put down his spade to call on the Government to ensure that every child has the chance to have a go at growing their own while at school.

06/04/2010   Children's Food Campaign

Senior government adviser calls for legal standards for hospital food

Professor Tim Lang, a leading expert in food policy and prominent government adviser, today joined campaigners to call for legally binding standards to improve hospital food.

31/03/2010   Good Food for Our Money Campaign

Are supermarket bloomers pants?

A nine-month investigation by the Real Bread Campaign has found the in-store bakeries of only one major supermarket chain producing any Real Bread.

27/03/2010   Real Bread Campaign

Fish campaigners pay Stephen Byers to lobby Hilary Benn

A campaign group has offered Stephen Byers £100 to lobby Hilary Benn MP to introduce new rules for school and hospital food to protect endangered fish.

25/03/2010   Good Food for Our Money Campaign

Children's Food Campaign attacks FSA retreat on food labelling

We call on the FSA Board to reject the reccomendation to weaken support for traffic light labelling

08/03/2010   Children's Food Campaign

Careless government spending threatens wild fish survival

David Drew MP introduces legislation in Parliament to stop the public sector buying endangered fish.

24/02/2010   Good Food for Our Money Campaign

£75,000 now available for 'grow your own' schemes

The cash is available as part of the Capital Growth scheme, supported by the Mayor of London and managed by London Food Link, which encourages Londoners to grow their own food in under-used areas of the capital.

09/02/2010   London Food Link

Children's Food Campaign wins fight against product placement of junk food

Children's food campaigners today declared victory in their campaign to stop the Government introducing product placement of junk food in UK-made television programmes.

09/02/2010   Children's Food Campaign

Victory imminent on product placement?

According to today's Guardian, the Government is about to announce that the Children's Food Campaign and our supporters have won a major victory to protect young people from product placement of junk food:

04/02/2010   Children's Food Campaign

Parents furious over 'hypocrisy' of cereal ad

Read The Independent article about Change4Life-partner Kellogg's outrageous adverts encouraging children to eat Coco Pops after school.

03/02/2010   Children's Food Campaign

Mayor launches competition to get London's school kids growing their own food

London's primary school children are being encouraged to grow their own fruit and vegetables by the Mayor, Boris Johnson, through a new Capital Growth schools competition launched today (Thursday 21 January).

21/01/2010   London Food Link

Make fresh local food your new year's resolution

Finding good fresh food at an affordable price is not always easy - that's where Sustain can help. A dedicated adviser has now been appointed in every region in England to help people set up food co-ops.

18/01/2010   Food co-ops

Celebrity chef Loyd Grossman joins attack on government for hospital food failure

Loyd Grossman responds to the Good Food for Our Money campaign's 'A Decade of Hospital Food Failure' report by declaring 'it is a scandal that improving hospital catering remains far from the top of the NHS agenda'.

14/01/2010   Good Food for Our Money Campaign

Children's Food Campaign response to ASA ruling on Heinz Nurture products

The Children's Food Campaign welcomes the ASA's ruling that Heinz did not have enough evidence to claim that its Nurture infant formula and milk supports children's immunity and development.

13/01/2010   Children's Food Campaign

Government's food 'vision' offers only more of the same

The Government's Food 2030 report was slammed today by campaigners for failing dismally to tackle the unsustainable nature of our food and farming system.

04/01/2010   Children's Food Campaign

Government wastes over £50m on hospital food failure

The Government has wasted over £50 million since the year 2000 on at least 17 separate initiatives to improve hospital food, which have resulted in almost no improvement to the quality of meals served, or to their nutritional and environmental value.

29/12/2009   Good Food for Our Money Campaign

Advertising Standards Authority failing to protect consumers says the Real Bread Campaign

Today, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rejected a complaint from the Real Bread Campaign that the Hovis 'Rolls' television advertisement had breached the TV Advertising Standards Code by misleading consumers. The Campaign believes that in doing so, the ASA is guilty of a failure of duty to the public and now calls on consumers to take action.

16/12/2009   Real Bread Campaign


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