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Real loaves down your local

On Friday 17th June, the Real Bread Campaign is joining family-owned brewery Everards of Leicester to invite bakers to a taster of Project Artisan, an initiative to help bring Real Bread back to the hearts of our local communities.

07/04/2011   Real Bread Campaign

Top Ten Swaps for sustainable fish

Sustainable Fish City publishes Top Ten Swaps to help consumers and chefs make more sustainable fish choices.

25/03/2011   Sustainable Fish Cities

Ten top chefs tell Government to keep kids cooking

Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes, Ainsley Harriott and others have signed a letter to Education Secretary Michael Gove urging him to keep practical cooking lessons in secondary schools.

24/03/2011   Children's Food Campaign

Real Bread that's right up your street

The Real Bread Campaign's annual Lammas call on the people of Britain to buy or bake a local loaf of Real Bread.

17/03/2011   Real Bread Campaign

Charity pays for better fish served to Cameron and his millionaire Cabinet

Members of staff at Sustain send cheques for 83p to the Prime Minister and every member of the Cabinet to ensure that, while at work, Ministers eat fish that is from the very best sustainable sources.

17/03/2011   Good Food for Our Money Campaign

Children's Food Campaign 'underwhelmed' by Responsibility Deals

Chidren's food and health campaigners express disappointment at the weak set of voluntary 'pledges' agreed as part of the Department of Health's Responsibility Deals.

15/03/2011   Children's Food Campaign

Pancake palaver

Children's health campaigners lament our reliance on 'packet pancakes' and warn that under government plans our children will leave school with few cooking skills.

08/03/2011   Children's Food Campaign

Government's fish standards will be worse than for pet food eaten by Number 10's Larry the Cat

Fish served to The Cabinet and staff at Number 10 may have worse sustainability standards than the pet food served up to Number 10's Larry the Cat.

06/03/2011   Sustainable Fish Cities

London Mayor Boris Johnson supports sustainable fish

Letter from Mayor Boris Johnson's office confirms London leadership support for the call for a Sustainable Fish City

04/03/2011   Sustainable Fish Cities

Mayors food advisor calls on PM to help make London a Sustainable Fish City

London Mayor's food advisor Rosie Boycott has joined Sustainable Fish City in inviting PM David Cameron, Number 10 and Whitehall to pledge to serve only sustainable fish.

04/03/2011   Sustainable Fish Cities

Children's Food Campaign slams 'guidance' on nursery food standards

Children's health campaigners are dismayed that recommendations to improve food served in nurseries prioritise voluntary guidance instead of mandatory and enforceable standards.

04/03/2011   Children's Food Campaign

Sustainable Fish City workshop for chefs

40 chefs and restaurateurs gathered for a Sustainable Fish City workshop, at London's Billingsgate Seafood Training School to find out how they can help London become a Sustainable Fish City.

02/03/2011   Sustainable Fish Cities

Government's fish standards will be worse than for pet food eaten by Number 10's Larry the Cat

The Good Food for Our Money Campaign demands that the Government changes it plans to introduce weak seafood standards for food served in public sector institutions.

02/03/2011   Good Food for Our Money Campaign

UNEP recommends serving only sustainable fish

UN Environment Programme issues procurement guidelines to help UN agencies around the world use natural resources in a responsible way, including sustainable fish.

01/03/2011   Sustainable Fish Cities

Time to take new bytes of Real Bread

At noon on Monday 21st February, the Real Bread Campaign launches its new website.

15/02/2011   Real Bread Campaign

Good Food for Our Money Campaign responds to Government consultation on public sector food

The Good Food for Our Money Campaign responds to Government consultation on plans to introduce compulsory standards for a third of public sector food.

10/02/2011   Good Food for Our Money Campaign

UKTV features Sustainable Fish City

Good Food Channel (UK TV) features Sustainable Fish City, promoting the campaign's Top Ten Fish Swaps and mentioning several of the caterers and restaurants who have already signed up.

28/01/2011   Sustainable Fish Cities

How sustainable is the fish in your sandwich?

The Jellied Eel ethical food magazine investigators went undercover to examine London's best known sandwich sellers for their sustainable fish.

26/01/2011   Sustainable Fish Cities

Pret (and McDonald's!) pass the sustainable fish sandwich test

Jellied Eel survey into London's fish sandwiches, and how sustainable (or not) they are.

26/01/2011   London Food Link

Mayor backs beekeeping campaign to bring hives to London

Capital Bee wants to encourage responsible beekeeping and a bee-friendly city, asking Londoners to grow food, plant flowers and use less chemicals in the garden. The campaign will provide beehives, bees, equipment and training for the 50 new beekeepers.

25/01/2011   London Food Link


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