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First pictures: Sustainable food on London 2012 menus

Sustainable food on London 2012 menus includes Fairtrade, Red Tractor and Marine Stewardship Council logos to show Olympic visitors their food is from ethical, British and sustainable marine sources - a first for any Olympic or Paralympic Games!

23/07/2012   Food Legacy

First pictures: Sustainable fish on London 2012 menus

Sustainable fish features on London 2012 menus. The printed menus include the Marine Stewardship Council logo to demonstrate to Olympic visitors that the fish they eat comes from sustainable sources - a first for any Olympic or Paralympic Games!

23/07/2012   Sustainable Fish Cities

Green Hero Torch Bearer Grows For Gold

Capital Growth community grower Sarah Milner Simonds, carries the Olympic Torch. Sarah was nominated for her inspirational work as a community gardener on The People's Plot in West London, part of Capital Growth

20/07/2012   London Food Link

It's Lammas, so ready, bready, dough!

On and around 1 August the Real Bread Campaign is helping people across the land to celebrate Real Bread by baking or buying delicious Local Loaves for Lammas.

19/07/2012   Real Bread Campaign

Children's Food Campaign welcomes fourth successive rise in school meal take-up

Children's Food Campaign comments on the results of official statistics released by School Food Trust on school meal take-up

17/07/2012   Children's Food Campaign

Search for London's favourite loaf launched

The competitors are on the starting line (actually bakery shelves), and now The Old Smoke's shoppers have until 20 August to seek out, taste and vote for The Londoners' Loaf!

13/07/2012   London Food Link

Londoners vote for top vegetarian restaurant

The Riverside Vegetaria in Kingston-Upon-Thames has been awarded the accolade of best ethical vegetarian restaurant in London.

09/07/2012   London Food Link

Children's Food Campaign calls for action on improving school food, not more reviews

Children's Food Campaign responds to Michael Gove's announcement of a new review into school food

04/07/2012   Children's Food Campaign

New responsible salmon farming standards launched

New salmon farming standards and a 'responsibly farmed' label have been launched to improve the environmental and social impact of the salmon farming industry.

22/06/2012   Sustainable Fish Cities

Children's Food Campaign welcomes spotlight on high salt children's meals

Children's Food Campaign response to CASH survey of salt levels on children's menus

14/06/2012   Children's Food Campaign

London 2012 serves up the best in British food

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games reveals details of the food and drink that will be served to the millions of spectators and thousands of athletes at the Games.

01/06/2012   Food Legacy

Food Legacy project seeks volunteer support

Please consider helping the Food Legacy project officer to recruit more caterers and food businesses to help fulfil the ambitions of the London 2012 Food Vision

31/05/2012   Food Legacy

Olympic menus to take Games visitors around the world

Jan Matthews, Head of Catering for London 2012, discusses the diversity of foods set to be available at the Olympic and Paralympic Games

28/05/2012   Food Legacy

Survey shows many hospital meals are unhealthier than a Big Mac

Shock findings about the nutritional quality of hospital food fuel calls for new legislation.

20/05/2012   Better Hospital Food

Big Mac healthier than NHS big muck

A BIG Mac is healthier than 75 per cent of NHS meals, a shock study has revealed.

20/05/2012   Better Hospital Food

The Sun says: NHS food is a scandal

The dismal standard of NHS catering is such an accepted part of British life that few people kick up a stink about it.

20/05/2012   Better Hospital Food

Big Macs, KFCs and takeaway pizzas are HEALTHIER than many NHS hospital meals

A Big Mac burger is healthier than three quarters of hospital meals, a study has revealed.

20/05/2012   Better Hospital Food

NHS hospital food will improve, says Andrew Lansley

Andrew Lansley said malnourishment should not happen in NHS hospitals.

20/05/2012   Better Hospital Food

The Big Dig - 10,000 volunteers get their hands dirty

Today sees the launch of The Big Dig, a nationwide project to get people growing food together. It will involve community growing projects across England and will be run by Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming.

16/05/2012   Sustain

Food policy failure

Campaigners expect government greenwash in response to top notch Parliamentary report.

14/05/2012   Sustain


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