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EAC questions 'one in, three out rule' for post-Brexit environmental regulation

Parliament's Environmental Audit Committee challenges Government Ministers on whether the 'one in, three out' principle will apply to UK environmental regulation post-Brexit, receiving a non-committal response.

13/12/2017   Brexit

SUGAR SMART Tooth Fairies confront Coke with a call for change

Healthy food advocates dressed in tooth fairy outfits and SUGAR SMART t-shirts descended on the O2 Arena Saturday 9th December to deliver free toothbrushes to families and an Open Letter to Coca-Cola's marketing lead, asking the company to clean up its irresponsible Christmas promotional campaign.

12/12/2017   Sugar Smart UK

Liverpool welcomes Rose Vouchers fruit and veg scheme

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool has launched Rose Vouchers in the city. The Alexandra Rose project helps families on low incomes buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

11/12/2017   Food Poverty

Petition for levies on straws and cups to stop the ‘plastic tide’

The Marine Conservation Society are asking the public to sign their petition to introduce levies on single use plastic items. They believe that plastic cups, cutlery, straws, bottles, lids and stirrers are too cheap and their price doesn’t reflect the damage they do to nature.

11/12/2017   Sustain

Shocking amount of salt in supermarket sausages

Some sausages have more salt in them than a double cheeseburger and fries. This is based on new research from Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) which found that some manufacturers appear to have made no effort to lower the salt content in their products.

10/12/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Tooth Fairies Disrupt The Coke Truck's O2 Arena Event

A Tooth Fairy Welcome Party will descend on the Coca-Cola Holiday Truck Tour Saturday 9th December in London to challenge the unhealthy marketing campaign that sees thousands of sugary drinks given away for free at over 40 locations across the UK. 

09/12/2017   Sugar Smart UK

Lewisham launches people-powered SUGAR SMART Social Movement

SUGAR SMART Lewisham celebrated the new phase of their impactful campaign at Goldsmiths University. Lewisham's ‘people power’ is being harnessed to start a social movement to reach more local communities and further reduce the amount of sugar residents eat.

08/12/2017   Sustain

UK 8th out of 10 for food sustainability in Europe

The UK’s approach to food sustainability is lagging behind our European counterparts. A report by the Food Ethics Council using data from The Food Sustainability Index found that the UK is near the bottom of the table - only ahead of Russia and Greece.

07/12/2017   Food and climate change

Enterprising food growers pitch in to win prize

Capital Growth’s third annual Roots to Work conference celebrated five enterprising growers who pitched their ideas to the sixty-strong crowd, at the event on 23 November 2017. 

07/12/2017   Capital Growth

Scottish farmers putting a price on nature

Farmers are assessing the value of nature to decide what to prioritise in their environment.

07/12/2017   Food and Farming Policy

The Food Standards Agency is asking social scientists for advice

The FSA is asking for applications from behaviourial economists, criminologists, anthropologists and political scientists for a new Advisory Committee on Social Science. Its purpose would be to provide strategic advice on how to improve food safety and regulate food sustainably.

07/12/2017   Sustainable Food

The cruelty behind parmesan cheese

Compassion in World Farming have visited Italian dairy farms and discovered the cruelty behind Parmigiano Reggiano (also known as parmesan) and its sister product Grana Padona cheese. The investigation discovered zero-grazing systems with cows permanently kept indoors.

07/12/2017   Ethical Eats

Finland eager to eat cricket-based protein bars

The manufacturers behind a new line of insect based protein snacks have been taken “by surprise” by the demand for their product in Finland.

07/12/2017   Food and climate change

Real Bread Campaign signs as a Courtauld 2025 Engagement Partner

With its new No Loaf Lost guide due for publication in January 2018, the Real Bread Campaign is playing a role in a collective effort to make food and drink production and consumption more sustainable.

05/12/2017   Real Bread Campaign

Sustain responds to Wetherspoon beer mat on food prices and fishing

Pub operator JD Wetherspoon has issued a new beer mat accusing business leaders of misleading the public on expected food price hikes after Brexit. Sustain responds.

04/12/2017   Brexit

WTO director general warns of higher prices following a 'hard Brexit'

Director General of the World Trade Organisation has warned the UK that prices would be likely to rise after a ‘hard Brexit; due to supply chain disruption and WTO tariffs, which would be especially high on agricultural products.

04/12/2017   Brexit

The jeopardy and the opportunity – The Brexit Room at the Oxford Real Farming Conference

Brexit looms large over the agricultural sector, and the ORFC is no exception. The changes ahead look set to be seismic – for farmers and workers, for those in the food movement, for policy watchers, for policy makers and, clearly, for all of us as consumers.

04/12/2017   Sustain

Cheaper fruit & veg "would cut deaths from stroke and other diseases”

Each year thousands of deaths could be prevented by taxing unhealthy foods and subsidising healthy ones. These are the findings of a new study which links the correlation between the cost of healthy foods and shopping behaviour.

01/12/2017   Sugar Smart UK

New network to link ‘nature friendly farmers’

Sustainable farmers across the UK are now uniting together with the help of the RSPB.

01/12/2017   Food and Farming Policy

Bill to measure food insecurity passes first reading without opposition

Presented by Emma Lewell-Buck MP, the Bill will now have a second reading in February 2018

30/11/2017   Food Power


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