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Greenpeace launch food and farming vision

Greenpeace has launched a report outlining their vision for ecological farming, based on protecting the environment and securing farmers' livelihoods. 

29/05/2015   Sustain

Real Bread Campaign hails ASA recognition as a victory for shoppers

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) investigation team has recognised: “…that consumers were likely to associate the term Real Bread with the Campaign, and therefore any references to ‘Real Bread’ which related to bread that did not comply with the term as defined by the Campaign had the potential to mislead consumers.”

27/05/2015   Real Bread Campaign

Plymouth nets third Sustainable Fish City accolade

Plymouth have become only the second city in the UK to achieve three Sustainable Fish City stars, thanks to commitments from Plymouth NHS Trust and City College Plymouth to serve only sustainable fish.

27/05/2015   Sustainable Fish Cities

Minister backs sugar tax

Life sciences minister George Freeman has publicly supported a sugar tax, The Daily Telegraph and the Mail Online have reported. Mr Freeman is the first minister to back a sugar tax, which was ruled out last year by Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary.

22/05/2015   Sustain

New paper outlines 'mounting evidence' for unhealthy food taxes

The Food Research Collaboration paper has concluded that the growing obesity epidemic can be tackled by making unhealthy products with low nutritional value more expensive to reduce their consumption.

22/05/2015   Sustain

Policies to curb global sugar consumption

Sustain members the World Cancer Reserach Fund have issued a new report to help countries meet the World Health Organisation's latest sugar guidelines, which recommend that adults and children restrict their sugar intake to less than 10% of total daily energy intake.

22/05/2015   Sustain

Food Standards Agency measures to tackle campylobacter

The FSA have released details of the measures they are taking to make sure that poultry producers, processors and retailers take action to reduce levels of campylobacter in chicken.

22/05/2015   Sustain

Eating healthily protects the environment

Global Food Security, an alliance of the UK's main public funders of food related research have released a report outlining the priniciples of healthy and sustainable diets. The group reviewed a wide range of food-related academic literature to come up with the guidelines and found pro-environmental diets and healthy diets are clearly compatible. Their eight  key prinicples are detailed in the report and include: eat a varied balanced diet, eat more plant based foods, value your food and don't waste it, choose sustainable fish, moderate your meat intake, include milk and dairy products and where possible plant based alternatives, drink tap water and eat fewer foods high in fat sugar and salt.  See also Sustain's guide to eating more sustainably.

22/05/2015   Sustain

Sustain welcomes Government Minister's support for exploring sugar taxation

Ben Reynolds, Acting Coordinator of Sustain, said, ‘As the first minister to back a tax on sugar, this is an important development in tackling diet related disease, and what it costs our country.'

22/05/2015   Sustain

Study finds that organic farming promotes biodiversity

A new study from researchers at Swansea University and institutes in France has found that organic farms act as a refuge for wild plants which are important for birds, bees and other farmland species.

22/05/2015   Sustain

Vote for the Fairtrade banana!

The Fairtrade banana has been nominated as the ethical product of the decade in the Observer Ethical Awards 2015. Over 1.2 billion Fairtrade bananas are now bought in the UK every year, impacting the lives of 25,000 banana farmers, workers and their communities in nine countries. The Fairtrade banana was the brainchild of Sustain member the Fairtrade foundation back in 1997 and by 2008 were the third most popular item sold in British supermarkets. You can vote for the Fairtrade banana here. Voting closes on 25th May.

22/05/2015   Sustain

Opportunity for London good food producers

Grow or make good food in a London borough? The London Food Link team is looking for creators of delicious, ultra-local London produce to feature on this year’s Urban Food Fortnight suppliers list.

21/05/2015   Urban Food Fortnight

Real Bread Campaign announces The Uprising event

Tickets are now on sale for Real Bread: The Uprising on Saturday 12 September at SOAS, University of London.

20/05/2015   Real Bread Campaign

Baked product chain leaves loaf making to Real Bread bakeries

The Real Bread Campaign has reacted to a national chain marketing itself as ‘the bakers’ admitting yesterday it is now only selling loaves ‘where we see high levels of customer demand’.

20/05/2015   Sustain

Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Food votes Real Bread

Richard Lochhead MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Food, chose a Real Bread Campaign supporter bakery to launch a new £70m support scheme for Scottish food and drink businesses.

19/05/2015   Sustain

Uprising against Oxfordshire hospital kitchen closures gathers pace

Local campaigners ramp up the pressure to stop kitchen closures at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

19/05/2015   Better Hospital Food

Tesco sets out sugary drinks reformulation plan

The Children's Food Campaign welcomes Tesco's commitment to reduce the sugar content of its own soft drinks range year-on-year.  One of the big failures of the Government's Responsibility Deal has been the unwillingness of companies to commit to quantifiable pledges - reducing fat, sugar and calories by a specific amount within a specific time frame. Even companies like Coca Cola admit that proper targets, publicly made and held accountable, help override internal resistance to reformulation. Read more...

18/05/2015   Children's Food Campaign

UK's largest food wholesaler signs Sustainable Fish Cities Pledge

The commitment means that Brakes' own brand, general sale range will only contain fish which complies with the tough Sustainable Fish Cities pledge. To celebrate, divers at SEA LIFE London Aquarium held an underwater fish supper surrounded by their resident turtles and sharks.

15/05/2015   Sustainable Fish Cities

An alliance to defend the laws that defend our nature

An alliance of 100 nature conservation organisations across Europe including the RSPB, WWF and Friends of the Earth are joining forces to defend the EU Nature Directives which have underpinned conservation in the UK and Europe for the last 30 years. The alliance warns that the European Commission's REFIT 'Fitness Check' of the Birds and Habitats Directives is the single biggest threat to UK and European nature and biodiversity in a generation. The EC has launched a 12-week public internet consultation, open to all. 

15/05/2015   Sustain

Small scale cider producers fight proposed duty change

Sustain members CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) and the Landworkers Alliance want small scale cider and perry producers to get in touch with them to help protect the industry. The EU is proposing to ban the UK's small cider producer duty exemption. This exemption supports very small scale cider and perry makers and banning it could lead to a tax charge that could drive them out of business. CAMRA have organised a petition against the proposal while the Landworkers Alliance want to work with cider and perry makers to make a statement and produce case studies.

15/05/2015   Sustain


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