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New leaflets about GM crops

Campaigners GM Freeze have produced two new leaflets about genetic modification for concerned shoppers.

16/10/2015   Sustain

Compassionate Food Guide

Compassion in World Farming's Compassionate Food Guide provides useful information to help you eat an ethical diet.

16/10/2015   Sustain

Over one third of fish oil fish stocks 'poorly managed'

A new report from Sustainable Fisheries Partnership looked at 24 of the main 'reduction fisheries'  producing fish turned into fishmeal and fish oil.

16/10/2015   Sustain

Defra unleashes 'Open Environment'

Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss has announced a new approach called 'Open Environment' which she says will help improve our environment.

16/10/2015   Sustain

National School Meals Week

Get ready for National School Meals Week 2015, running from the 2nd November to the 6th November.

16/10/2015   Sustain

Urban Food Fortnight in the press

In the run up to, and during, Urban Food Fortnight 2015 there were 23 mentions of the event in 20 different publications, both digital and print, including a feature in Time Out. 

15/10/2015   Urban Food Fortnight

ASA bans misleading Iceland factory loaf advert

Following a complaint from the Real Bread Campaign, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) today ruled that an advertisement marketing a range of mass-produced, part-baked loaves as handmade was ‘misleading’ and should not appear again.

14/10/2015   Real Bread Campaign

Children's Food Campaign gave evidence to the Health Select Committee

Children’s Food Campaign Co-ordinator Malcolm Clark was invited to give evidence to the Health Select Committee as part of their special inquiry into the Government's childhood obesity strategy. There, Mr. Clark along with Prof Graeme MacGregor, chairman of Action on Sugar, and Dr Paul Darragh, a member of the British Medical Association's board of science, made the case for the introduction of a sugary drinks duty as well as the need to tighten current regulations regarding marketing to children.

14/10/2015   Children's Food Campaign

Honest Crust Act delegation to Defra

On 13 October, Sustain’s deputy coordinator Ben Reynolds, and campaign supporter Vanessa Kimbell met with George Eustice, Minister of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

14/10/2015   Real Bread Campaign

Stark message from Stockholm World Water Week

Delegates at Stockholm World Water Week have urged international governments to take water scarcity more seriously.

09/10/2015   Sustain

WWF launch primary school recipe competition

WWF hope the competition will promote sustainable diets and schools growing their own food.

09/10/2015   Sustain

Are you serving meat free lunches?

If you are a catering business offering meat free lunches to your customers Eating Better want to hear from you.

09/10/2015   Sustain

Food insecurity in Canada

A new report has documented high rates of food insecurity in Canada - that means 2.4 million adults and nearly a million children had inadequate or insecure access to food.

09/10/2015   Food Poverty

New rules on junk food ads for children - have your say

The Committee of Advertising Practice are consulting on new rules governing non-broadcast advertising of foods high in fat salt and sugar to children.

09/10/2015   Children's Food Campaign

PAN UK launch Pesticide-Free towns campaign

Sustain member Pesticide Action Network want to reduce the hundreds of tonnes of pesticides they say are used in UK towns and cities.

09/10/2015   Sustain

Could you make healthier food and drink?

Innovate UK has launched a competition to fund the development of healthier foods and drinks.

09/10/2015   Sustain

Family Farmers' Association Annual Open meeting

Save the date for the FFA's annual open meeting on November 11, 2015.

09/10/2015   Sustain

Brighton and Hove aims to be first #SugarSmartCity

The council have started a city-wide Sugar Smart initiative to reduce levels of sugar in homes, schools and restaurants.

09/10/2015   Children's Health Fund

A slice of the winnings

Real Bread Campaign supporters harvested a sheaf of awards over the summer, including Alex Gooch being named Baker of the Year at The Baking Industry Awards.

07/10/2015   Real Bread Campaign

Government urged to introduce stronger advertising rules to combat pester power in the fight against childhood obesity

Nearly three quarters of parents (74%) say their children have pestered them to buy junk food according to a new survey from the British Heart Foundation. Of those who have experienced ‘pester power’ at some point from their children, more than a third of the responses from parents related to junk food advertising, in particular to  adverts that children are seeing on TV.

07/10/2015   Children's Food Campaign


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