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Farmers urged to cut antibiotic use

The UK Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, commissioned by the UK Prime Minister, has released a report on antimicrobial use in agriculture and the environment.

18/12/2015   Sustain

FSA open workshop on novel foods

The Food Standards Agency have issued an open invitation to attend a novel foods workshop on the 4th February 2016.

18/12/2015   Sustain

International Permaculture Convergence

Catch up with all the news from the Internataional Permaculture Conference held in London in September 2015.

18/12/2015   Sustain

Reaction to COP21

Many of our members have been closely following the UN COP21 climate talks in Paris.

18/12/2015   Sustain

Health Committee urges Government action on obesity

The House of Commons' Health Committee, appointed to examine the workings of the Department of Health, have criticised the current policy on childhood obesity.

18/12/2015   Sustain

PHE publishes maternal obesity data

Around one in six pregnant women in England are obese, which can increase health risks for both mothers and babies.

18/12/2015   Sustain

European Fisheries Fund for sustainable fishing

A new fund has been launched to help support sustainable fishing across Europe.

18/12/2015   Sustain

Eating Better's top ten cookbooks

If you're stuck for gift ideas, the alliance Eating Better are recommending ten cookbooks for a healthy, sustainable diet.

18/12/2015   Sustain

Millions to benefit as Three Oceans commits to a sustainable future

Millions of diners are to benefit as one of the UK’s key fish suppliers, Three Oceans, has committed to the Sustainable Fish Cities pledge. Three Oceans supply several top high street restaurants, ensuring their customers are served only demonstrably sustainable fish.

18/12/2015   Sustainable Fish Cities

Point The Fish Finger – update on our action

We are delighted to say that Bella Italia and JD Wetherspoons have positively responded to our action.

17/12/2015   Sustainable Fish Cities

Marine conservation groups ‘Point the Fish Finger’ at UK restaurant chains

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS), Fish2fork and Sustainable Fish Cities launch a campaign today to gain public pledges from three of the largest restaurant chains in the UK to serve 100% demonstrably sustainable fish.

16/12/2015   Sustainable Fish Cities

TV shows that encourage kids to guzzle fizzy drinks

A survey of children's TV programmes by the National Hydration Council has shown that 2 out of 3 drinks displayed are soft or fizzy options. Many of those drinks were also being consumed outside of meal times. In comparision, water only featured once in every five scenes involving a drink. What children see on TV seems to be reinforcing the notion that consuming fizzy drinks rather than water is the norm, and is something to aspire to. Another nudge in the wrong direction.

14/12/2015   Children's Food Campaign

Sustain AGM and network event, 12 January

Book your place at Sustain's AGM, and network debate on Natural Capital where we will be joined by Tony Juniper and other guests.

14/12/2015   Sustain

Welsh Assembly Members vote for sugary drinks tax

Calls for a tax on sugary drinks led by Plaid Cmyru, have been backed by Labour in a vote in the Welsh Assembly, with members voting 38 to 10 in favour of the motion.

11/12/2015   Sugary Drinks Duty

Join The Crunch Ambassadors

The Wellcome Trust launches The Crunch to help encourage conversation around 'our food, our health and our planet'. As part of this they want to recruit a network of ambassadors across the UK.

11/12/2015   Sustain

Tooth Fairies take on the Coca Cola truck

When the Coca Cola Christmas truck came to London, Children's Food Campaign decided to organise an alternative spectacle. So on Saturday 5 December a group of tooth fairies paid a visit to the truck parked outside the O2 Centre (North Greenwich) to spread a bit of holiday cheer in a rather more positive, healthier - less sugary - way.

07/12/2015   Children's Food Campaign

UN appeals for an end to soil degradation

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is marking the end of the International Year of Soils with an appeal to reverse the current rate of soil degradation. 

06/12/2015   Sustain

Contact your MP about scandalous food waste

Friends of the Earth are asking supporters to contact their MP and ask them to support a new law on food waste. 

06/12/2015   Sustain

Save Our Soil

Sustain member the Soil Association marked World Soil Day with the release of an animated film to explain why soil is so crucial to life. 

06/12/2015   Sustain

Climate change and agriculture

As the UN climate conference in Paris continues, The National Farmers Union say that climate change is already affecting UK food production. 

06/12/2015   Sustain


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