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BBC Newsnight: how companies are bending the rules on junk food advertising

Sugary brands including Kinder, Chewits and Kellogg’s CocoPops were exposed by BBC Newsnight on Monday 15 January for continuing to target under-16s via websites, games, toys, apps and cartoon characters.

16/01/2018   Children's Food Campaign

Have Coke lost their bottle?

Sustain responds to press reports on Coca-Cola's plans to change the sizing and prices of some of their products ahead of the implementation of the Sugary Drinks Tax.

10/01/2018   Sugary Drinks Duty

Call for age restrictions on energy drinks

School Food Matters backs Jamie Oliver's calls on the government to ban the sale of energy drinks to under 16s.

09/01/2018   Children's Food Campaign

Warning labels on sugary drinks can lower obesity

Labels that warn about the risks of sugary drinks steered virtual consumers to unsweetened drinks in a study by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

21/12/2017   Sugar Smart UK

Tell us your Children’s Food Heroes and Zeroes of 2017

It’s that time of year again where we look to celebrate the people and organisations that have made a significant contribution towards the Children’s Food Campaign’s goals over the past twelve months; and name the ‘zeroes’ who have thrown roadblocks in the way. Tell us who you would like to see win these awards.

19/12/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Cheaper fruit & veg "would cut deaths from stroke and other diseases”

Each year thousands of deaths could be prevented by taxing unhealthy foods and subsidising healthy ones. These are the findings of a new study which links the correlation between the cost of healthy foods and shopping behaviour.

01/12/2017   Sugar Smart UK

Study shows sugary drinks levy reduces sales

Study led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine with the University of Cambridge found adding a 10p levy to sugary drinks sold in Jamie’s Italian restaurants resulted in a decline in sales.

17/10/2017   Sustain

Thin gruel from the Government: the Childhood Obesity Plan one year on

Marking one year since the launch of the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan, Public Health England have published a short progress report and announced the next stages of the Plan. In response, the Children’s Food Campaign have criticised the lack of cross-Government oversight of the Plan, and the Department for Education's failure to make any progress on its commitments.

18/08/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Government reduces its promised funding for health and well-being initiatives in schools

The end of the school term has been marked by the disappointing double-loss of promised Government funding for health and wellbeing initiatives in schools. The Healthy Pupils Capital Fund budget has been cut by £315 million - ie. a 3/4 reduction. And the Government has confirmed it will no longer be going ahead with the offer of free breakfasts to all primary school children, as it had originally promised in its General Election manifesto.

27/07/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Sugar tax does its job

The manufacturer of Lucozade, Ribena and Orangina plans to reformuate all of its soft drink brands this year, to avoid incurring the sugar tax.

11/06/2017   Sugary Drinks Duty

Go SUGAR SMART! Jamie and Sustain join forces on new campaign

Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and Sustain have launched a new campaign which supports organisations looking to change the amount of sugar we consume. They are now encouraging organisations to register on the new SUGAR SMART website, for support in tackling sugar within their premises, and also those wanting to run campaigns across their local area.

22/05/2017   Sugar Smart UK

All-party parliamentary call for government response to 'Holiday Hunger'

The All-Pary Parliamentary Group on Hunger has published its report on hunger amongst children during the school holidays.

25/04/2017   Food Poverty

NHS sugary drinks move adds to pressure on Government to ensure Sugar Tax passed on Tuesday

Sustain's Childrens Food Campaign sets its sights on the fate of the Sugary Drinks Industry Levy in Tuesday's Finance Bill

21/04/2017   Sugary Drinks Duty

Public Health watchdog publishes sugar reduction targets for industry

Public Health England (PHE) has published guidelines setting out how the food industry should act to help children consume less sugar, targeting the everyday foods that contribute the most to children's sugar intakes.

02/04/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Committee slams Childhood Obesity Plan

The House of Commons Health Committee echoes campaigners, including Sustain, when it says it is 'extremely disappointed' at the lack of ambition in the Government's proposals for tackling childhood obesity.

02/04/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Industry reneges on sugar reduction target

The Food and Drink Federation, trade association for the food manufacturers, now says that it will be impossible to meet the target of reducing sugar content by 20% by 2020.

24/03/2017   Children's Food Campaign

What parents are up against - the kids' sugar category

Have you heard about the “Kids’ Sugar” category? Sadly, it’s not an award for the cutest child actor, or anything as innocent as that.  It is the official name given by manufacturers and advertisers to the sweets, candies and other sugary confections that they make for and promote to children.  

20/03/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Children’s Health Fund grants programme open.

The Children's Health Fund, administered by Sustain, has opened its next round of grants Water Works to improve access to free drinking water, particularly for children and young people.

09/03/2017   Children's Health Fund

Budget 2017 confirms meaningful rates for Soft Drinks Industry Levy

Good news from the Budget. The Chancellor has confirmed the final Soft Drinks Industry Levy rates of 18 pence per litre and 24 pence per litre for the two sugar bands at 5g/100ml and 8g/100ml respectively. It is now over to MPs to pass the legislation, and then manufacturers and retailers to continue to raise their sugar reduction game.

08/03/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Children's Health Fund grant announcements

Money raised from a voluntary tax on sugary drinks in restaurants across the UK will be used to provide meals for children during the school holidays.

09/02/2017   Children's Health Fund


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