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Free support to help Scottish food SMEs reduce food surplus and waste

Resource Efficient Scotland is offering free support to small and medium sized food businesses in Scotland to help them cut down the surplus they generate.

16/03/2018   Real Bread Campaign

It’s time to make toast, not waste

Today, Love Food Hate Waste launches a four-week campaign to help people stop their loaf leftovers in the bread bin ending up in the bin bin.

12/03/2018   Real Bread Campaign

Supermarkets drive food waste on UK farms

A new report by Feedback reveals the shocking scale of food waste on farms.

05/03/2018   Food Waste

EU decide definition of food waste and set aspirational targets

This Is Rubbish welcome the new EU Waste Framework Directive but call for individual countries to set binding targets on food waste.

04/03/2018   Food Waste

Grants available for surplus food redistribution initiatives

In January, Defra opened the Food Waste Reduction Fund to expressions of interest from not-for-profit organisations in England.

20/02/2018   Real Bread Campaign

Aldi pledges to half food waste by 2030

The UK’s fifth largest supermarket has joined a campaign to cut food waste by 50% in the next 12 years. Aldi plans on redistributing surplus food through FareShare and other food waste charities.

08/02/2018   Food Waste

London tops new global food sharing index

Sustain and our Capital Growth network are listed in SHARECITY’s new directory of 200 active initiatives in the capital.

07/02/2018   Jellied Eel

No Loaf Lost: New bakery surplus reduction guide launched

Ahead of the 10th annual Real Bread Week in February, the Real Bread Campaign has created a new surplus reduction guide for small bakeries.

15/01/2018   Real Bread Campaign

New fund for redistributing surplus food

The government has put £500,000 into a new Food Waste Reduction Fund. The money is available for charities who redistribute surplus food to those who need it.

13/01/2018   Food Waste

Real Bread Campaign signs as a Courtauld 2025 Engagement Partner

With its new No Loaf Lost guide due for publication in January 2018, the Real Bread Campaign is playing a role in a collective effort to make food and drink production and consumption more sustainable.

05/12/2017   Real Bread Campaign

New advice: keep apples in the fridge, use leftover potatoes and freeze unwanted chicken

Major new guidance on labelling sets to change the way we think of food in a bid to cut down waste at home. The research also found that four times as much surplus food could be re-distributed to help feed people.

29/11/2017   Food Waste

Feedback’s call to action after ‘disappointing’ Defra response on food waste

The government has rejected recommendations from a committee of MPs on the best way to reduce food waste. Sustain member Feedback, who campaign to tackle food waste, are now launching a petition calling on Michael Gove to support EU targets.

09/11/2017   Food Waste

No Loaf Lost

There are growing numbers of initiatives and enterprises working to reduce the amount of surplus loaves that are wasted. Now the Real Bread Campaign is working to help bakeries tackle the surplus they produce in the first place.

09/10/2017   Real Bread Campaign

Huge food waste occurs in the field

The waste-reduction agency WRAP has conducted its first investigation into food waste on farms, looking at two commercially important crops -- lettuce and strawberries. It found significant waste, and big differences between farms. 

29/09/2017   Food and Farming Policy

Wales to 'rethink' food and cut waste further

Wales, already the UK leader in recycling, has become the latest nation to set an ambitious food waste target -- and there is still time to respond to the wide-ranging consultation on 'Rethinking Food in Wales'.

27/08/2017   Food Waste

Launching the Community Fridge network

Pioneered in London by the People’s Fridge in Brixton (see Jellied Eel issue 54), these are communal chillers where people and businesses can reduce waste by sharing surplus food with other members of the local community.

21/07/2017   Food Waste

Help halve the EU's mountain of food waste

Help campaign for the European Council to accept ambitious food waste reduction targets, which will set EU food waste policy for the next 14 years.

06/06/2017   Food Waste

New Real Bread brew

Crumbs Brewing has teamed up with Chalk Hills Bakery to become the latest initiative to turn a slice of the UK enormous loaf surplus into beer.

30/05/2017   Real Bread Campaign

Pie in the sky and other airline food waste

Airlines generated 5.2m tonnes of waste in 2016, most of which went to landfill or incineration – and it cost them £400m. A lot of it was mini wine bottles, half-eaten lunch trays and plastic utensils, so it's good to learn that several airlines are taking steps to reduce their disastrous waste footprint.

07/04/2017   Food Waste

London Food Link helps find deserving receivers of stollen goods

In December 2016, London Food Link brought together Organico and Plan Zheroes to save nearly 600 Christmas goodies from going to waste, and help two charities bring some festive cheer.

21/02/2017   London Food Link


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