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Dignity in Practice Report Launch

Nourish Scotland and the Poverty Truth Commission have released a report that aims to be a practical resource to help projects think about what dignity looks like in practice and how this can be achieved.

26/01/2018   Food Poverty

Step Up to the Plate report launch

A new report Step up to the Plate: Towards a UK food and poverty strategy was launched this week at a roundtable event in Portcullis House hosted by Kate Green MP and Kevin Holindrake MP. This report highlights some of the key issues surrounding the lack of food insecurity measurement, the growth of food charity, and the human right to food.

26/01/2018   Food Poverty

Hospital patients baking a new future

Northampton clinic St Andrew’s Healthcare has opened a bakery at its hospital that will teach vocational skills to mental healthcare patients.

25/01/2018   Real Bread Campaign

APPG on Hunger report: meals on wheels services help to prevent malnutrition among older people

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger’s new inquiry report on hidden hunger and malnutrition and older people provides an update on the extent of and drivers for malnutrition among older people and sets out recommendations for government, councils, care providers and third sector organisations.

22/01/2018   Food Poverty

High street brands commit to 20 per cent sugar reduction

An alliance of high street brands launch a voluntary Code of Practice that includes a sugar reduction target of 20 per cent, as set out in the Childhood Obesity Plan.

17/01/2018   Sustain

Sustain welcomes the NHS England ban on the sale of sugary drinks in hospitals

The NHS England ban on the sale of sugary drinks has been written into the updated Standard Contract for hospitals and the new rules will come into force later this year. Read Sustain's response.

04/01/2018   Better Hospital Food

Eat more beans and less meat say top dieticians

The British Dietetic Association have updated their policy on Sustainable Diets. The influential health professionals say we should reduce our red and processed meat and instead get protein from beans and pulses.

29/11/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Vote to fund our NHS food Patient Jury

Please vote for the Campaign for Better Hospital Food’s new Patient Jury.

10/11/2017   Better Hospital Food

General Election 2017: Our policy for better hospital food

The General Election on 8 June 2017 is our opportunity to get legal standards for hospital food on the political agenda and in the manifesto of the next UK government.

08/05/2017   Better Hospital Food

NHS England cuts sugary drinks sales in hospitals

The Campaign for Better Hospital Food welcomes the move by NHS England, announced today, to limit the amount of sugary drinks sold in our hospitals.

21/04/2017   Better Hospital Food

NHS sugary drinks move adds to pressure on Government to ensure Sugar Tax passed on Tuesday

Sustain's Childrens Food Campaign sets its sights on the fate of the Sugary Drinks Industry Levy in Tuesday's Finance Bill

21/04/2017   Sugary Drinks Duty

High acrylamide levels in British crisps

A new study has found high levels of the carcinogenic chemical acrylamide in potato crisps sampled from major UK brands and retailers. Acrylamide is formed when starchy foods are heated, but it can be minimised if manufacturers alter their processes. So far, lack of regulation means few have done so.

07/04/2017   Children's Food Campaign

New toolkit published for healthier out-of-home eating

Increasing consumption of 'out-of-home' meals has been identified as an important factor in rising levels of obesity. A new toolkit from Public Health England (PHE) aims to make it easier for small-scale food outlets -- and the planners and others who work with them -- to supply healthier foods.

07/04/2017   Better Hospital Food

Bake Off's Prue Leith backs campaign for hospitals to meet government-enforced food standards

A new report from the Campaign for Better Hospital Food looking at how hospitals meet government food standards has received widespread coverage and the backing of chef and TV star Prue Leith. Read on for more coverage of the report.

27/03/2017   Better Hospital Food

Taking the Pulse of Hospital Food – read our first London-wide research report

For the first time the Campaign for Better Hospital Food has undertaken an in-depth report into the current state of hospital food in NHS England, using London as a test case for the rest of the country.

23/03/2017   Better Hospital Food

Prue Leith slams hospitals over 'grey sludge' served to patients

Cookery writer said 'inedible' NHS food is stopping patients from getting well. She said it was contractors trying to save money who were to blame, not cooks. Prue Leith said healthier menus would speed up recovery rates and free up beds.

07/03/2017   Better Hospital Food

Hospital food standards kicked to the long grass in NHS Improvement

The responsibility for hospital food standards officially passed from the Department of Health (DH) to NHS Improvement (NHSI) in February 2017 - despite no-one being in post to take on the work.

20/02/2017   Better Hospital Food

Half of hospitals failing to meet Government food standards

Department of Health data released today shows that Government rules for food served to NHS patients are being missed by almost 50% of hospitals in England.

26/01/2017   Better Hospital Food

New healthy hospital food league table

Shops, restaurants and catering companies that sell food in NHS hospitals have been rated for their commitment to healthy eating.

22/10/2016   Better Hospital Food

Antibiotic resistant E.coli in supermarket meat is a wakeup call for hospital food

The Campaign Better Hospital Food is alarmed by a new study that has found worrying levels of antibiotic-resistant E.coli bacteria in British supermarket meat. We want the NHS to look again at their supply chains and ensure they do not support farming techniques that undermine the antibiotics that our health service relies upon to keep us well.

13/09/2016   Better Hospital Food


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