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Scholarships to study sustainable fish

The Marine Stewardship Council offers funding for students studying sustainable fisheries.

07/03/2018   Sustainable Fish Cities

Genetically engineered fish ‘a certainty in the future’

A super-sized genetically engineered salmon could be on sale in US grocery stores from next year. AquaBounty Technologies, who have grown and are marketing the fish, believe this could be a sustainable solution to over-fishing.

22/02/2018   Sustainable Fish Cities

Fishackathon 2018: coding to save cod

Tech designers and developers from across the world come together for Fishackathon to build practical tech solutions to the challenge of sustainable fish.

18/02/2018   Sustainable Fish Cities

Sustain responds to the Labour party's fishing policy consultation

During December 2017 and January 2018, the UK Labour Party consulted on their policies for coastal communities, in particular fishing and the fishing industry.

Read on for Sustainable Fish Cities' response to this consultation.


05/02/2018   Sustainable Fish Cities

Why Women Will Save The Planet

The next Women’s Environmental Network Forum will discuss the role of women’s empowerment in creating sustainable cities.

04/02/2018   Sustainable Food Cities

Conference: Brexit and Wales: Land and Sea

A conference on the Implications of Brexit for Rural Land Management and Fisheries in Wales will take place on Tuesday 13th February 2018, 11am-4pm a the Medrus Centre, Aberystwyth University. Speakers are from the Wales Centre for Public Policy and Sustain alliance member New Economics Foundation.

26/01/2018   Brexit

25 Year Environment plan - comment from Sustain on farming, environment and fisheries

Initial Sustain response to the publication of the new Government 25 year Environment Plan By Prime Minister Theresa May today. 

11/01/2018   Brexit

Sustainable Fish Cities questions JD Wetherspoon directors

Ruth Westcott questioned the board of directors and JD Wetherspoon’s founder and chairperson, Tim Martin, at the company’s 2017 Annual General Meeting in a pub in the heart of the City of London.

10/01/2018   Sustainable Fish Cities

Board members wanted for Marine Management Organisation

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is the Government’s principal body for managing the seas around England. 

21/12/2017   Sustainable Fish Cities

UK demands secrecy in Brexit trade talks with US

The British Government has reportedly demanded total secrecy in its free trade talks with the US for a post-Brexit deal, in an exclusive story from The Independent newspaper.

21/12/2017   Brexit

Record year for ethical spending in the UK

This year the UK will have spent more money on ethical products than ever before. According to the Ethical Consumer Report the UK now spends £81.3 billion a year on ethical goods and services - up 3.2% from the previous year.

20/12/2017   Sustainable Fish Cities

Red-rated fish on the menu in canteens and restaurants across the UK

A new investigation by Sustainable Fish Cities reveals red-rated fish on the menu in exclusive concert venues, city firms and restaurants.

18/12/2017   Sustainable Fish Cities

Cities are driving a food revolution in the US

Cities are stepping up where the federal government has fallen short. The New Food Economy has published an uplifting article on the local food policy councils which are driving a food revolution in the US.

14/12/2017   Sustainable Food Cities

Sustain responds to Wetherspoon beer mat on food prices and fishing

Pub operator JD Wetherspoon has issued a new beer mat accusing business leaders of misleading the public on expected food price hikes after Brexit. Sustain responds.

04/12/2017   Brexit

Eat more beans and less meat say top dieticians

The British Dietetic Association have updated their policy on Sustainable Diets. The influential health professionals say we should reduce our red and processed meat and instead get protein from beans and pulses.

29/11/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Smaller fishers set to lose out from Brexit

A major new piece of research from the New Economics Foundation explores scenarios for what Brexit will mean for the UK’s fishing industry.

28/11/2017   Brexit

Greater Manchester launches its sustainable food future

Feeding Manchester has published a detailed outline showing what needs to be done for everyone to be able to access sustainable food across the city. It is the culmination of 18 months work from a hundred community groups, small businesses and the public sector.

13/11/2017   Sustainable Food Cities

UK food standards set to face 'perfect storm'

Our food standards and food industry look set to face a ‘perfect storm’ from rising food prices, regulatory uncertainties, greatly diminished capacity of food inspectors and standards bodies, and likely challenges from international trade deals with countries working to lower food standards than our own. This critical analysis is published by the Sustain food and farming alliance, as their submission to the EFRA enquiry into trade in food.

23/10/2017   Brexit

Sir Ian Cheshire appointed Chair of Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

Sir Ian Cheshire, chair of Barclays UK and Debenhams and the former Kingfisher chief executive, will chair a major new Commission into the Future of Food and Farming, organised by the RSA [Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce].

23/10/2017   Brexit

It turns out that no-one rules the waves

With the ocean increasingly under siege from climate change, pollution, over-fishing, industrial activity and plastics, it is troubling that 60% of it has no conservation rules because it is outside national jurisdiction. Now the UN has plans for 'BBNJ' --  Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction.

21/07/2017   Sustainable Fish Cities


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