One Planet Plate

Credit Tom hunt

Published: 27 Jan 2020

Eco Chef, Tom Hunt, offers up his zero-waste One Planet Plate recipe as part of the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s campaign.

Chefs across the country are stepping up to the plate - improving their menus by making them more environmentally friendly. The One Planet Plate Campaign gives chefs and caterers a chance to showcase their best sustainable dishes on an interactive map which diners and home cooks can use to locate sustainable restaurants and recipes.

Chefs can join the likes of Damian Clisby, Chantelle Nicholson, Yotam Ottolenghi and many others, by submitting their own One Planet Plate recipe. At home, cooks can either recreate the recipes or head out to indulge in one of the incredible dishes at local restaurants, using the map to find them.

The idea is simple - all of the recipes must meet one of the six criteria: celebrate local, feature more veg, include better meat, source fish sustainably, low carbon footprint and no waste.

This year my One Planet Plate is Jackfruit Ceviche, which fits three of the One Planet Plate categories. It features more veg, has a low carbon footprint and wastes no food.


Parsley Stem and Jackfruit Ceviche

This dish was inspired by the restaurant Estella in New York. There they serve razor clams topped with little rounds of parsley stem. When they are cut with care, parsley stalks make a very attractive and unique garnish. Jackfruit is a plant-based alternative to meat, shipped over to the UK, it grows in Asia and Africa on huge trees. This leaves the ground undisturbed and allows for more sustainable farming practices like agroforestry. Of course, you can use this dressing to make any sort of ceviche; from shredded oyster mushroom to sustainably sourced fish.

1/2 green chilli
6 parsley stalks
2 limes, juiced
240g of cooked jackfruit, shredded 

Finely chop the chilli - with seeds or without, depending on your taste - and three of the parsley stalks. Next, grind them to a paste with a pestle and mortar or small food processor. Add the lime juice and a little zest if the limes are organic (fungicide-free). Then toss the shredded jackfruit with half the mixture and serve in a bowl topped with some more finely chopped parsley stems and the remaining dressing.