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The Action Pack website is intended to provide practical information advice and tips for schools wanting to encourage pupils to eat more fruit and veg.

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Section 1: Introduction

About this action pack
The Grab 5! approach
What is so good about fruit and vegetables?
Why should schools promote healthy eating?

Section 2: The Grab 5! process

The Grab 5! process
Secure the commitment of the head

Designate a school Grab 5! coordinator
Seek support from the whole school
Set up an action group
Carry out an audit
Develop an action plan
Adopt a food policy
Implement the action plan
Monitor and adapt
Make links
Make a publicity splash

Section 3: Opportunities to promote fruit and veg and healthy eating

Opportunities to promote fruit and veg and healthy eating
In the classroom
Outside of school

Section 4: The ideas bank

The ideas bank
Ideas bank 1: Change the rules!
Ideas bank 2: Change the lunch menu
Ideas bank 3: Healthy packed lunches
Ideas bank 4: Have a big breakfast!
Ideas bank 5: Set up a fruit tuck shop
Ideas bank 6: Tickle your tastebuds!
Ideas bank 7: Be farmers for a day!
Ideas bank 8: Get shopping!
Ideas bank 9: Get cooking!
Ideas bank 10: Grow your own!
Ideas bank 11: Have a special event
Ideas bank 12: Start a food club
Ideas bank 13: Run a playground market

Section 5: The information bank

Information bank 1: Get your hands on some fruit and veg
Information bank 2: Get your hands on some funding
Information bank 3: Healthy eating guidelines
Information bank 4: Nutritional standards for school lunches
Information bank 5: Get food into the curriculum
Information bank 6: Stay safe
Information bank 7: Make a publicity splash
Information bank 8: Do a survey
Information bank 9: Healthy recipes
Information bank 10: Work with business
Information bank 11: Responsibility for providing school meals
Information bank 12: Celebrate Apple Day
Information bank 13: Buy local produce

Section 6: More information

More information
Interesting fruit and vegetable / healthy eating web sites
Keep in touch


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