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Manual of Low/No-Space Agriculture -cum- Family Business Gardens

Preface In a broader sense the manual expects to impress upon the urban dwellers the necessity of developing and disseminating technological aspects of the concept of the Family Business Gardens (FBG) and Low/No-Space Agriculture (L/N-SA). Professionals, nonprofessionals or policy makers who contribute to nutritional/food security in situations of restricted resources can also be regarded as a secondary target audience of the manual. The manual highlights that the urban populations can contribute to sustainable development of cities, through economically viable outputs of UA. i.e., vertical agricultural cultivation for producing edible matter and making use of the diversity and creativity found in cities for micro-agro-entrepreneurships. The first part of the manual deals with the practical technology-development aspects of the concept of the FBG and L/N-SA. First, it briefly explains definitions of some innovations that help sustainable urban development. Second, it provides practical know-how in simple terms in introducing different types of cultivation structures for diverse spaces available in urban areas (e.g., land space, building space and airspace). Third, it explores the role of cultivation structures with specific reference to the provision of sustainable micro-agro-entrepreneurships for livelihood improvements in urban areas. The second part reveals not only the importance and potentials of UA but also -some novel practical and policy experiences gained in promoting UA in Sri Lanka. The manual also reveals the experiences in multiplying UA development initiatives in the context of a conceptual form to larger extents and also to an urban-rural continuum. Thilak T. Ranasinghe

Publisher: International Water Management Institute (IWMI) & RUAF Foundation - 2009

Author: Dr. Thilak T. Ranasinghe


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Category: Economy

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