Change4life, the corporate handover

We know that many families have found ideas from the government's Change4Life anti-obesity campaign really useful in helping them to adopt healthier lifestyles.  But we're alarmed at the announcement by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley that he wants commercial companies, including food manufacturers like Nestle and PepsiCo, to help run the campaign.

The Children's Food Campaign thinks this would be a direct conflict of interest - after all, how effective will companies that sell food and drink high in fat, sugar or salt be at persuading us to eat less of their best selling products?

To help illustrate the problem, we asked people to consider how the campaign might look if it was run by food industry "partners". We had some fantastic suggestions, and asked people to vote for the best. After three weeks of voting, this was the favourite.

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The following food companies are members of Business4Life, coalition of companies which are partnering with government to support its Change4Life movement.

  • Britvic - makers of Tango and Gatorade
  • Cadbury - makers of Dairy Milk and Wispa
  • Coca-Cola - makers of Sprite and Powerade
  • Kellogg's - makers of Frosties and Coco Pops
  • Kraft - makers of Oreos and Daim bars
  • Mars - makers of Mars bars, Galaxy chocolate and Maltesers
  • Nestl - makers of Smarties and Fruit Pastilles
  • PepsiCo - makers of Pepsi and Walkers crisps
  • Unilever - makers of Walls and Ben&Jerry's ice cream



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