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Who's working on it?

Sustainable Fish Cities is organised by a partnership of conservation and sustainable food organisations (see our separate about page for details). We want towns and cities to buy, serve and promote only sustainable fish.

Who has taken the Sustainable Fish Cities pledge?

Listed below are the towns, cities and organisations that have already taken the Sustainable Fish Cities pledge, or have publicly committed to adopting the same principles, following the campaign's public launch in January 2011. Making this public commitment does not necessarily mean that these organisations already serve fully sustainable fish (though some do). But they have publicly pledged to work on it, are being supported to do so by specialist and expert organisations, and we will check on their progress over time. 


Allegra McEvedy MBE, chef, writer and presenter

"To stand by and do nothing, say nothing as we slowly drain the oceans of their livestock is to make one complicit, and that's just not a position with which I was comfortable."

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