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FSA must ban these dangerous additives

Children's Food Campaign response to the Food Standard's Agency Board Meeting decision on artificial additives:

Richard Watts, coordinator of Sustain's Children's Food Campaign said: "Professor Stevenson, who undertook the study on additives, told the FSA that there was the evidence necessary to ban these additives because they do pose a threat to health.  Parents will be furious that the FSA has chickened out of taking this vital step to protect their children."

He continued:  "It is simply not good enough to give consumers a bit more help to avoid these unnecessary additives.  Consumers are clear they don't want to have to spend ages scanning labels to see if a product will threaten the health of their child. And people do not see the label on around half the food and drink they consume.  A ban on these additives is the only appropriate step."


For further comment please contact Richard Watts on 07710 782719 or 020 7065 0902.