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Sustain are the sponsors of the sustainable food awards for this years Considerate Hoteliers awards launched this week.

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With environmental issues now a hot topic amongst customers, in the press and a high priority on the government agenda, there has never been a better time for hotels to grab the opportunity to gain recognition, coverage and bookings whilst simultaneously reducing their overheads and genuinely contributing to the future of our environment.

Considerate HoteliersNow open for applications, The Considerate Hotel of the Year 2007 Awards offer a free vehicle through which hotel managers, marketing managers or chefs can take advantage of a simple approach to environmentally sustainable profits.  The Awards are a high profile opportunity to demonstrate to the industry and guests alike that your establishment is leading the way in addressing the growing pressure to deliver a high quality, environmentally led service.

Backed by the key names in environmental initiatives, illustrating the relevance and profile of the Considerate Hoteliers Association's competition in today's market, the awards are actively sponsored by:

Envirowise  - The Water Challenge
Envirowise research has found that savings in water usage can easily equate to 1% of total business costs.  The challenge will be won by the hotel/guesthouse that can demonstrate the greatest saving.

WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme ) – The Waste Challenge
This challenge will be won by the hotel/guesthouse that makes the greatest reduction, by volume, of waste sent to landfill.

Hospitable Climates – The Energy Challenge
The challenge is to reduce energy consumption by 15% over a three month period, the winner will be the establishment that can demonstrate the greatest saving.

Sustain – The Food Challenge
The challenge is to find the hotel/guesthouse that has done the most to use and promote sustainable food, e.g. organic, seasonal, local, Fairtrade.

Whether a guest house or a large hotel, each establishment is judged on its individual environmental improvements, or menu choices, over a three month period to ensure that the opportunity to shine is open to all.

Liam Lambert - European Director, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Chairman, Considerate Hoteliers Association – comments:

"In launching this year's Considerate Hotel of the Year 2007 Awards, we are capitalising on the great success of the awards programme in 2006 and the ever-growing interest of responsible hoteliers throughout the UK in sustainable practices, environmental and social responsibility. We are delighted that WRAP, Envirowise, Hospitable Climates and Sustain have once again offered generous sponsorship and assistance - thank you.
“All we need now is for UK hoteliers to show us their renowned grit and environmental mettle and enter the four challenges involving waste management, water saving, energy saving and sustainable/ethical food. The awards and the subsequent raft of publicity, ultimately culminating in increased business, are there for the taking. I suspect however that there is a whole host of hotels out there who are ready to fight you for them. May the very best win!"

The Awards are run by The Considerate Hoteliers Association, members of which are made up of many of the flagship hotels in the industry.  For this reason the Awards are designed to be easily accessible, ensuring that time input is minimised and exposure maximised.  

To enter simply download an application form from or contact Jane Carlton Smith on t: 01865 483894 or send an email to John Firrell, Secretary CHA at

Editor's Note: To download a hi-res Considerate Hoteliers logo, simply go to and click on press office.  After entering your name, please put in the unique release code CH123.  This will then provide you with a thumbnail of the hi-res logo that can be downloaded.


Issued on behalf of The Considerate Hoteliers Association by:

Rawlingson Lane Publicity
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For further information please contact Teresa Dadey on 01672 564099.


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