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We advocate food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.


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CASH takes issue with study linking low salt to heart disease

Advocacy group says links between high salt intakes and ill-health are overwhelming, despite findings of a study suggesting that salt reduction only benefits people who already have high blood pressure More

Students wanted to organise campus farmers' markets

Abolish the myth that students live on Pot Noodles! Apply now for help to set up a market selling healthy, fresh, local  produce on your campus More

Huge response to CIWF petition on farmed rabbits

Revelations about the scale and conditions of rabbit farming in Europe triggered biggest ever online response More

'Big Data' to monitor dietary habits on an unprecedented scale

A research project aims to scan the vast reservoirs of electronic data now available to build a more detailed picture than has previously been possible of the links between food, nutrition and health More

Poorer quality versions of branded foods sold in eastern Europe

Multinational food companies are selling different versions of the same brands in different European countries, with those in eastern Europe containing cheaper and sometimes harmful ingredients More

Food systems must be the core of urban planning for climate change

Urban food supplies are major contributors to climate change, and are also highly vulnerable to climate change. With ever more of the world's population living in cities, urgent action is needed to improve the resilience of urban food provision, a new report finds. More

Learn how to plough your own furrow (and other useful skills)

From starting a micro-dairy to ploughing with horses, saving seed to making products from petals, the Landworkers' Alliance Skills Day offers expert tuition in traditional husbandry and land-based crafts, plus all the fun of the Green Scythe Fair More

Real Bread Campaign welcomes Indian loaf additive ban

The Real Bread Campaign is pleased to read reports that The Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recommended banning the use of potassium bromate in loaf manufacture. More
Real Bread Campaign

Artisan baker = packet mix user?

The Real Bread Campaign is disappointed that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) appears unwilling to protect shoppers, and even some less knowledgeable bakers, from being misled. More
Real Bread Campaign

Alliance to Save our Antibiotics in BBC Panorama

Helen Browning talks about the work of the Alliance to Save our Antibiotics in an episode of BBC Panorama aired on 23 May 2016. Watch a short clip on youtube of "Antibiotic Crisis". More

Industry wasting nearly 2 million tonnes of food a year

Report highlights how avoiding waste, distributing more of the surplus to people in need, and diverting more waste to be used as animal feed could almost halve industrial food waste, and save the industry millions More

Merger leaves supermarkets with a single supplier of freshly squeezed juice

An investigation by the competition regulator reveals the extent of concentration in the British food industry More

Selling liquid candy to babies

Coca-Cola may have pledged not to market its products directly to children under 12, but it spends billions every year making itself attractive to young consumers, a report from the CSPI finds More

Eating for a healthy planet

Dietary guidelines around the world must make more effort to include sustainability as well as health considerations, according to a new report from the FAO and the Food Climate Research Network More

Good and bad news for organic gardeners

Neonics kept out of the UK, but glyphosate gets a leg-up, reports Sustain member Garden Organic More

Misleading guidance on breastmilk substitutes

Sustain members challenge UK advertisers and authorities on the integrity of the advice given on infant feeding More

Putting participation into practice

Participatory methods are widely hailed as useful ways to motivate and guide grass-roots activity, but they can be hard to use effectively. Sustain member Food Matters, which specialises in the approach, has produced some tips. More

Farm antibiotics campaigners welcome O’Neill Report and call for ambitious antibiotic reduction targets

The Alliance to Save our Antibiotics has welcomed todays O’Neill Report on tackling the crisis in antimicrobial resistance and calls on Defra to set ambitious targets to reduce farm antibiotic use. More

The Queen announces sugary drinks levy progress

In the Queen's Speech today, the Queen - on behalf of the Government -  announced that "legislation would be introduced to establish a soft drinks industry levy to tackle childhood obesity" and to improve life chances. The Queen's Speech marks the official opening of the new session of Parliament, and confirms the next stages of the process for the sugary drinks levy to became law in time for its planned introduction in 2018. More
Sugary Drinks Duty

Response to the launch of the Committee on Advertising Practice consultation on food and soft drink advertising to children

The Committee on Advertising Practice is consulting on proposals for further restrictions on the advertising to children of food and soft drink products in non-broadcast media. The consultation was launched today and is open for 10 weeks. More

Parliamentary Note on barriers to healthy eating

The Parliamentary Office on Science and Technology has produced a useful summary of the reasons for unhealthy diets -- and the steps that can help improve them More

New guide for urban gardeners headed to market

People growing food and looking for practical advice on how to sell, can now access an updated Growing Enterprise Guide, produced by Capital Growth More

Reaping Rewards II

This report presents new findings based on data collected during the 2014 growing season, using Capital Growths innovative online tool – the Harvest-ometer. This was launched in 2013 by Capital Growth to help people growing food to record and keep track of their harvest, while also gathering data on food production in the city as a whole. More
Capital Growth

Limited edition Real Bread wear on sale

Balcony Shirts are again supporting the Real Bread Campaign with limited edition t-shirts and aprons. More
Real Bread Campaign

Time to count the hungry: The case for a standard UK measure of household food insecurity

The UK currently does not measure household food insecurity, defined as insufficient or insecure access to food due to resource constraint. The absence of regular, accurate data keeps the magnitude of the problem hidden, allowing for government inaction. Time to count the hungry argues that the UK would benefit from using a standard measure of household food insecurity, which could be used to monitor the problem as part of existing social and health surveys.
Food Poverty

Vote good food: A London Food Link briefing on the London Mayoral Election 2016

At London Food Link we believe there are food related challenges the new Mayor of London should be tackling head on and opportunities for them to seize. More
London Food Link

Which tool to use?

A guide for evaluating health and wellbeing outcomes for community growing programmes More
Growing Health

Better food. Better farming. Better lives.

Sustain Strategy 2015 – 2020. We’re pleased to be introducing our guiding document for the next five years. This is the first time that Sustain has produced a strategic vision and its timing is telling. More

Good Food for London 2015

The 2015 edition reveals how London Councils are showing leadership on school food and in other catering under council control but less able to control what goes on outside the school gates. More
London Food Link

Beyond the Food Bank: London Food Poverty Profile 2015

Beyond the Food Bank is London’s first comprehensive food poverty profile. The new report from Sustain’s London Food Link looks at what local authorities are doing to help the most vulnerable access good food. More
Food Poverty



Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming

Sustain advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.